What Kicks To Cop This Weekend (9/30 & 10/1)

In this week’s edition of #WTCTW, we have not one, not two, but three opinions to steer you in the right direction as to what you should blow using your rent money. This weekend is a big one headlined by the release of the OVO Air Jordan 12s. Along with a lineup bolstered by some Nike basketball releases, here’s our advice on what you should cop (and what you shouldn’t) this weekend.

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Air Jordan 12 “Wool”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $200

Justice: You’re not an eskimo or going hunting. Why are you about to put these on your feet my guy? Your feet about to be hotter than “Dreamchasers 4,” put these down big fella.

Gabrielle : This Wool edition of the Air Jordan 12 has a really cute Dark Grey, Silver and Black color scheme. I hate 12`s, with a sincere passion I really do, but these are different. I love dark colored shoes and wool because it reminds me of winter time. Plus, these look like the perfect shoes to escape from your boyfriend’s dorm room wearing. I say these are a cop.

Tex: I’d actually rock these, but the bottoms are definitely a turn off. Jordan Brand has gotten pretty creative with their Retro 12 looks lately. I’ll be honest though some would have been better off not coming to fruition. Cop these only if you know how to manage bold looks.


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Nike KD 9 “Black Space”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $150

Justice: Why? Just why?

Gabrielle: I like this shoe, but I would love it more if it was not just all black with a hint of gray. This is upsetting to me because most of the 9`s that I have reviewed, I loved. This one really just reminds me of the all black shoes that dudes wear who go to trade school or work in a warehouse. I do not like these and neither should you.

Tex: Very firm thumbs down from me on these.


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Nike Kobe 11 “Black Space”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $200

Justice: These actually aren’t that bad. Are they worth that price tag though? No sir.

Gabrielle: Justice is tripping actually. I appreciate innovation, but sometimes some shoes aren’t meant to go past the creation stage. How these got past, I am not completely sure.You`d break your ankles wearing these, like literally. I do appreciate the cool blue sole on them though, but for me, that`s about it.
Tex: Shoutout Kobe and Nike still doing the thing after his retirement. These are a sleek look, and as we all know black goes with anything so go ‘head and cop.




Nike LeBron Zoom Solider X “Black Space”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $130

Justice: Just go cop some black Timbs; I promise you can do better than this.

Gabrielle: I’m on the fence when it comes to this sneaker. I like them, but I do feel as though these are ahead of their time. I do feel as though this would indeed be the perfect basketball sneaker, sleek and stylish.
Tex: These are for the hardwood only folks, I’ll let you make your decision based off of that.


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Nike KD 9 “University Red”

Release Dare: October 1, 2016

Price: $150

Justice: it’s bad enough you’d be considering buying a KD 9. Now, with them being dawned in all red, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. These are hideous. If I was still working my job at a shoe store, I’d throw these back onto the truck. Don’t cop these kids.

Gabrielle: I love this colorway and this shoe. Yes, the red is a tad bit bright, but I think the price range and style is amazing. I would buy these over and over again.
Tex: Red is my favorite color and I can easily see how great these will look on the basketball court. Cop up hoopers.


Photo via KicksOnFire

Air Jordan 12 OVO

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $225

Justice: These probably feel better than pussy when you put them on your feet. There are one of the most elegant pieces of basketball footwear I’ve ever seen in my life. If your car note is due next week, these are definitely worth getting your car repossessed for.

Gabrielle: I agree with everything that justice said. Crisp white sneakers are everything and then some. I still hate 12`s, but these are a great pick too, especially the hint of gold. Just don`t get your car repossessed though.
Tex: Ima just let it be known that I will not be denied when it comes to this kick. Gold and white can never go wrong, mark my words on that one. Real live I’m about to give Aubrey’s phone a rang now just to make sure my pair is secured.


Photo via SneakerNews

Nike LeBron Zoom Solider X “Camo”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $140

Justice: The camo colorway looks great on the LeBron Soldier X. They should help your feet remain incognito and nobody will roast you for wearing these atrocities.

Gabrielle : I remember when any sneaker that lebron used to put out used to be well crafted and actually a really good shoe. Now, I do not know because this shoe is doing absolutely too much. Plus, I hate camo in a shoe. Actually, I hate camo anything, so these are a no for me.
Tex: Nike trying to do too much once again. I already know my pops didn’t approve of these.


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adidas Busenitz Pure Boost “10th Anniversary”

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Price: $150

Justice: The only good thing about these is that you can be mad comfy as your homeboys roast you for investing your money in these.

Gabrielle:I love the fact that  adidas is celebrating its long-running partnership with pro skater Dennis Busenitz, which is now at a legit whole decade. I love the 06 and 16 inscriptions on the heel of each shoe. I don’t like that the shoe is in suede sadly, which means that you would always have to be aware of the weather when wearing them, but that`s a first world problem to be honest. I like these shoes and I would definitely spend money to have them.
Tex: adidas back at it again with the weak runners. Black and gold is cool and all, but the actually design and model of this shoe is garbage. Leave these as high on the shelves as they can get people please.

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