What To Cop This Weekend (10/28 & 10/29)

Welcome back everyone for this week’s edition of WTCTW where holidays are not only special but acknowledged. Thus, all of this weeks shoe cops will be dedicated to my Fifth favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. Luckily, if you’ve been having trouble finding some kicks to rock at your local Halloween party then no worries, I’ve got you covered. All of the shoes that I will be featuring not only have been released already, but they also have different themes to them, making it easier to piece together that fire costume that you’ve probably spent three weeks trying to figure out. Now it’s time to see what’s you should consider copping for Monday`s festivities.



PUMA Disc Blaze

Have you ever wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween, but you didn’t really have a desire to waste money on the actual costume? Well thanks to Puma, a long time ago, they released an orange pair of their Disc Blaze sneaker. Think of these as wearing a pumpkin, but on your feet. For anyone planning on being dressing up as a pumpkin on Monday, this PUMA Disc Blaze would complete your costume, or lack thereof.



Nike SB Dunk High “Steel Reserve”

Originally, when Nike released these SB Dunks, they were originally created to compliment the popular malt liquor beverage called “ Steel Reserve”. I personally think that if you have a dream to be the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, then you really might be in luck. If you really want people to think that you have a brain, then this is the shoe you need to pair that costume with. You would be the flyest Tin Man around. Have you ever seen the tin man wear some SB Dunks? You could be the first.



adidas Basketball “Ballin Dead” Collection

Last Halloween Adidas Basketball decided to break out out the ghoulish “Ballin Dead” collection featuring the D Rose 6, D Lillard 1, and Crazy 8. In my opinion Adidas killed it with this and not just because the name reminds me of “The Walking Dead.” The brain graphic on the upper of all three pairs and the green ooze reminds me of the novel Goosebumps. So, whether you have a strong desire to either be a ghoul or a zombie, any of the sneakers in this pack may really a game changer to your fit this year.



Nike LeBron 13 “Friday The 13th”

This one is for all of you horror movie buffs. LeBron created this colorway to show his love for scary movies. Who do you think of when you see this sneaker? Freddy? Jason? Michael Myers? This sneaker would be the perfect finish to that serial killer costume that you`ve probably been thinking of wearing. Plus, that blood splatter detailing on the midsole is the perfect detail to give the illusion that you’ve probably finished commiting a heinous crime that’s too graphic to discuss.


There we have it folks, not only do we have another week of shoe cops in the books, but we also have another holiday celebrated with some cool sneakers. As always, may the sneaker raffles be ever in your favor, and for those who do pick up some heat this weekend, don’t hesitate to show us over @thedemotape_ and @gabbydotjay__.

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