About The Demo Tape

With beginnings in the dorm rooms of Temple University and University of Maryland, College Park, in March of 2015, The Demo Tape has evolved from a simple journalism class project to a platform for a staff of writers to express their thoughts and opinions on music, sports, sneakers, entertainment and more. Seeking to deliver quality content in such areas, our staff takes pride in not only informing readers on the latest news in our areas of interest, but also in making the irrelevant relevant. With an audience now spanning more than 130 countries, The Demo Tape continues to be a platform for its readers with its creative perspectives on topics that shape our culture.

Our Staff

Justice Gray
Music Director

Managing Editor
Music Director

Brandon Austin
Senior Editor
Sports Director

Zhane’ Ashanti Riley
Senior Editor

Taji Burris
Contributing Editor
Music Director

Joel Aggrey-Smith
Staff Writer

Evan Bankins
Staff Writer

Kurt Kennedy
Staff Writer

Refiloe Lichaba
Staff Writer

Gabrielle Manning-Jones
Staff Writer

Eric Pitt
Staff Writer

Maurice Valentino
Staff Writer


Valerie Arum

Email: valerie.arum@gmail.com | Twitter:@valsss__

Juwan Gray

Email: juwan.gray@gmail.com | Twitter: @WanGesus | Facebook: Juwan Gray

Craig Lee

Email: craiglee@bluntiq.com | Twitter: @ItsMyAmbitionz | Instagram: ItsMyAmbitionz

Keith Taylor

Email: keithstaylor96@gmail.com | Twitter: @__KaaaT

Jordan Teixeira

Email: jordanteixeira90@gmail.com | Twitter: @JTexKnows