Kevin Gates for Dummies

Following the release of "By Any Means 2," here's the essential Kevin Gates playlist.

Kevin Gates has quickly risen up the ranks to become the most successful rapper to ever come out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the age of 31, he has built up a rather impressive discography. A respected name in the industry and the streets, Gates is one of the best the game has to offer. We deliver to you, the essential Kevin Gates playlist.


“Paper Chasers” – One of the songs that originally made me a fan of Gates. It’s an upbeat track, but with the typical street talk we’re accustomed to from him.

“Kno One” – Islah did some pretty strong numbers, but this is one of the more underrated tracks on the entire project.

“Perfect Imperfection” – This is definitely one of my personal favorites. Gates trying his hand out with singing on the hook is pure gold.

“Beautiful Scars” – Of course, I’m rocking with the PnB Rock feature on this. This was a perfect match for the track. It’s kinda hard not to vibe to it.

“The Prayer” – This is that real and raw Gates. The aggression he raps with is what makes him so recognizable and infectious.



“Satellites” – 2013 Kevin Gates? Aww man they don’t make em like this no more. You could tell from joints like this that Gates has a touch.

“2 Phones” – So from “Satellites” to arguable Gates biggest song ever? Why not. I knew this song was a banger when my dad came home from work singing it.

“Trap Girl” – Classic shit. It’s hard to believe this joint is 6 years old.

“Really Really” – Again, you can’t do an essential Kevin Gates playlist without the hits.

“Don’t Know” – Last but not least we have KG talking his finest shit on “Don’t Know”.

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