Ten Baltimore Mixtapes You Should Be Anticipating For 2018

There are a couple projects on the radar for the next calendar year

The mixtapes released this year in Baltimore were all-around impressive. From YGG Tay’s Rich Before Rap 2 to both installments of YBS Skola’s Only Hope series. As the year comes to a close, there are a couple names, however, that we did not receive full-length projects from. There are even a few names that we want to hear more from. There may even be some names that we haven’t heard much from at all, but would like to. Here are 10 of the most anticipated mixtapes in Baltimore for 2018.

Bandhunta Izzy – Code Blue

Expected release date: 1st quarter of 2018

2017 was a year of artist development for Izzy. He was tucked off for most of the year after his deal with Universal’s Republic Records, but when he surfaced for moments like “I Got It,” we got glimpses of the work D1 Entertainment and Republic are doing behind the scenes. His debut mixtape Couldn’t Picture This showed flashes of star potential, and its follow up Code Blue should be the manifestation of the progress he’s made since then.


President Davo & Tate Kobang – (untitled)

Expected release date: ???

There’s no confirmation that this even exists or is happening, but the two artists haven’t denied it when asked about a possible collab project. They’ve been two of the most recognizable names in Baltimore for years now aside from being too of the most talented song-makers in the city. Tracks like “Physical” show what they’re capable of together for one song, but it may be time to string a few together for a full-length project.


Lor Choc – (untitled)

Expected release date: ???

“Fast Life” may be one of the catchiest singles of the year in the city. Nineteen year-old Lor Choc is finally coming into her own, and the suspense for a full-length project is building. Her ability to deliver infectious melodies make her a prime candidate to drop a summertime favorite. By no means is she necessarily a “new” artist, but more are bound to become more familiar with the Wets Baltimore native in 2018.


Lonnie Moore – (untitled)

Expected release date: ???

Lonnie Moore is perhaps the most capable artist on this list in terms of delivering a full-length project. Although it’s been three years, tracks like “Priceless” and “Golden Child” show that everything is there – we just need it delivered as a project. He released Nothin Less, a mixtape of covers and freestyles, earlier this year to hold fans over.


Chris Cassius & Scotty Banx – 6Banxxx

Expected release date: ???

There’s a couple collab projects I want to hear this year – 6Banxxx is another one of them. Chris Cassius and Scotty Banx compliment each other well, as they both have an affinity to bass-knocking beats and crafty wordplay. There’s a chemistry present as well, with Banx also being Cassius’ engineer for quite some time now. Cassius and Banx at their best is an EP of songs made perfect for when the weather warms back up.


Baby Kahlo – (untitled)

Expected release date: 1st quarter of 2018

Debut projects are always exciting because of so many unknowns. However, it sounds like Baby Kahlo has progressed this year into finding a pocket she’s comfortable in as demonstrated by her single “Down 2 Go.” There’s not much else to go off of at all aside from a pair of freestyles, but she passes the ear test early. She’s been working with other producers for her debut apparently, and it’ll be interesting to see how it comes out sonically. Though impressive so far, since there is so little to go off of, that means we have no idea what exactly it may sound like – which builds the suspense even more.


FinagoBaby – Baby

Expected release date: 2nd/3rd quarter of 2018

There’s enough game dropped on Butter that we may not even need another project until 2019. Butter is the best mixtape of 2017 released by anyone outside the top tier of household names in the Baltimore rap scene. If the jump from Finago’s freestyle-heavy 2016 project Redemption to Butter continues, Baby is shaping up to be something special. As he continues to not only improve his own production skills, but further his chemistry with names like Benjamin Banger (“#ThatsButter”), tyepacino (“Notorious F.B.”), and talk2nobody [Envy (“Calling You”)], the music should only progress as well.


President Davo – Been Been

Expected release date: 1st quarter of 2018

Davo appears on this list twice because, when completely focused, may be the best artist in the city. 2017 was arguably the hungriest Davo has been since his breakout in terms of music, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep the momentum going into next year. Rumors are that Been Been will be here before year’s end, but there’s no real confirmation on that or if it will even contain original music. Either way, it’ll be exciting to get whatever the follow up to Forever will be.


YTK – (sophomore album)

Expected release date: ???

There was a tweet from YTK a while ago where he said “this year, I’m going to stop bluffing with music.” Jimmymac is more than the accumulation of bluffing ceasing. From the art direction to the production to the lyrical content, few projects this year in Baltimore were packaged much better. With another year of progression for the 18-year-old, I don’t think we’ve seen anything near the best he has to offer yet.


La’ Matic – 90’s Juvie 2

Expected release date: 1st/2nd quarter of 2018

90’s Juvie had it’s rough spots, but they were few and far between the highs. Even then, half way through the year, it was one of the best projects in Baltimore and received a Tapey nominee for Album of the Year. With another year of rapping under his belt and a year of polish, La Matic’s sophomore project should show a lot of growth from what his 2017 debut project had to offer. Early murmurs indicate that progression is already being made in tracks to appear on the project.

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