Kicks & Coffee (9/29) – Ten Sneaker Channels You Need To Follow On YouTube

What started out as people walking into their local footwear shops and purchasing whichever shoes caught their eyes has now flourished into community of sneaker aficionados far and wide.

Whether it be Air Force 1s, the latest Asics or Saucony runners, or the sneakers we see on the feet of NBA superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and many others, the business of footwear has boomed into a million-dollar industry.

The great thing about it is that the Internet has made the world so small that sneakerheads far and wide can share their interest (or addiction, some call it how they see it) with the click of a button. Whether it be Tweeting a link to an upcoming sneaker they’re looking forward to, snapping a picture of what kicks they wore today on Instagram, or, in this case, sharing videos of the latest sought after sneakers.

The YouTube sneaker community has grown in recent years, with people everywhere sharing everything from unboxing videos to their thoughts on what’s going on in the world of sneakers. They play a crucial role, from helping their audience decide whether to wake up at 5 a.m. for the latest releases, giving reviews of what shoes perform the best on the hardwood, and creating a forum for the sneaker community to engage with.

I myself am one of these people that appreciate the time and effort YouTubers put into their work that helps push the culture of the sneaker world. Whether you’ve been in the game for years or you’re just starting out and deciding what your first pair will be that you pay for with your own money, there’s nothing like engaging in the community and discovering someone that’s just as obsessed intertwined with what’s going on in sneakers as you.

To catch you up to speed, here are ten YouTube channels I think you should be following:


The thing you can most enjoy about BULL1TRC’s videos is the versatility of his content. From his pick-up vlogs, to the sneaker unboxings, the on-feet videos, and even the clothing hauls (because, you know, you have to have something to wear with your new sneakers). Bull does it all, and he always keeps his audience up to date with the latest sneakers and honest on his opinions about them. From what I’ve seen, Bull puts out some of the most quality content on YouTube and stays consistent with his product.


A Sneaker Life

A Sneaker Life is also one of my favorite channels that consistently deliver quality content.  From vlogs to on-feet videos, Mike Compass does it all and remains one of my favorite channels out there. You may even have catch early unboxings of some of your most anticipated upcoming releases.



You can’t mention sneakers without mentioning Jumpmanbostic. Bostic is one of the true OGs in the sneaker community with one of the most extensive Jordan collections you’ll ever come across. From the sneakers, to the apparel, to rare memorabilia, Jumpmanbostic brings it all to his channel. With his sneaker knowledge and signature “straight to the foot game,” he’s a true fan of the culture one can gain knowledge and appreciation for sneakers from.



I appreciate YoAny’s videos because regardless of what’s hot that’s out at the moment, YoAnty always stays true to himself and shows sneakers on his channel that he genuinely likes himself. There’s lots of variety on his channel due to that fact, and this is personally where I first began to pay attention to brands like Saucony and Asics.



TBlake might be one of the only channels only YouTube where you’ll find unboxing videos, clothing recommendations, and savy business advice all in one. Many times, you may even see a sneaker on his channel you won’t see anywhere else on YouTube, so I highly recommend you subscribe to him.



Tony may be the funniest channel you’ll come across. You could not even like the sneakers he’s unboxing, but he’ll keep you entertained throughout the duration of his videos just off of his humorous antics.


Mr. Foamer Simpson

There’s not much to be said about Foamer if you don’t already know; because, if you don’t, you’ve been missing out for far too long. The signature beard and the Yankee fitted have become a staple in the sneaker community over the years and he’s become one of the most recognizable names on YouTube.



Nightwing is as consistent as they get. You can always expect the latest performance reviews for any sneaker out here first. Plus, he makes sure to include Jordan retros, runners, other options for your off-the-court wear. He also provides content for all the nerds out there with his new segment, “Nightwing’s Nerd SH*T.”



I don’t even play basketball competitively, yet I still find myself watching the KickGenius videos. While known for their on-court reviews, they also feature Q&A videos where they take fan questions, videos of basketball play, as well as personal tales and stories on their channel. The personalities of Jay Jones and Tre Good and their ability to consistently deliver good, quality videos have helped them turn their passion for basketball into one of the best sneaker channels on the net.



This may be the perfect time to spotlight SINTB, as he just recently reached 400,000 subscribers and released an entire collection video. From unboxings to restorations to clothing pickups, SINTB is definitely one of the must-watch sneaker channels on YouTube.


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