The Battle at Hempstead: The First of Three 2016 Presidential Debates

Tomorrow, the New Orleans saints play in the 10-year anniversary of their return to the city after Hurricane Katrina.

And everyone is expecting it to do poorly in the ratings. Because as attractive as Monday Night Football is as a viewing option, it won’t come close to what news networks are offering: Trump vs. Clinton having a verbal cage match, in what is slated to be the most viewed political event in history.

The first of three 2016 presidential debates occurs in a little less than 24 hours, and punches are already being thrown. Some harder, perhaps, than any contact made on a football field.

Both sides have already begun to try to get under the others’ skin, with Clinton supporter and fellow billionaire Marc Cuban mocking Trump via Twitter, saying he would attend the debate and be seated in the front row. Nettled, Trump soon replied that he would in turn invite Gennifer Flowers – the former model Bill Clinton admitted to having sexual relations with(while married, of course) years ago to sit in the front row. The backlash from the media and the Trump camp’s response was almost immediate, with Trump’s running mate Mike Pence publicizing the fact that Ms. Flowers absolutely will not be in attendance.

The location is Hofstra University, located in Hempstead, New York. The moderator is NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt. Although a registered (and truly, silent on it) Republican, both Democrats and Republicans generally regard Holt as an unbiased, hard-hitting, quality journalist. He will also be fact-checking, much to the chagrin of the Trump campaign. Both Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and VP candidate Mike Pence have denounced fact-checking at the debates, citing the possibly of being falsely “corrected”. This has happened in the past, albeit rarely.

The crowd will consist of 1000 people, including guests of both candidates, and a majority of Hofstra students. Trump will likely face a tough crowd. In addition to his low polling numbers among millennials, the Hofstra College Republicans chapter leader has publicly denounced Donald Trump (on MSNBC’s AM Joy, earlier today), citing him as a danger to conservative policy and the Republican Party.

The debates, naturally, can be found on virtually all TV networks which deliver news, as well as their websites. For those without cable, Facebook is streaming ABC’s broadcast, and Twitter is streaming Bloomberg’s broadcast. The debate is scheduled to run for 90 minutes.

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