Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy Surrounding Syria Is Concerning

On April 6, President Donald J. Trump fired 59 ballistic missiles into Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian President Bashar Assad. Although no confirmation has been made that President Assad was behind the attacks, President Trump made no hesitation when it came to retaliation. Since then, people have been debating whether or not President Trump made the right decision.

To start off, I have been a vocal opponent of President Trump. I only have respect for him as the officeholder of the President of the United States. I believe it is one of the most respected positions in the world, and any man who has been elected President deserves respect.  However, I do not respect Donald Trump the man. Trump’s record of sexism, hypocrisy, and his treatment of immigrants and refugees have been utterly disgusting.  Although I do not care for Trump, the Syran bombings have me on edge.  Here’s why:

The chemical attacks in Syria have been disturbing. Men, women, and children are suffocating to death because of these harsh chemicals. If the Syrian government is behind these attacks, there is cause for concern and a need for it to be stopped. That being said, why does Trump find these attacks to be “truly egregious” and that “no child of God should ever suffer such horror?” These are the same people Trump denied refuge in the United States. It’s almost as if we say, “hope Syria is okay, but not in our country.” If Trump is to take action, it should be for moral reasons to help and not at his convenience for his own benefit.

Syria has been battling a civil war for seven years now. For seven years, a country full of men, women, and children who have the same dreams and aspirations as us, has been destroying itself and been destroyed by outside countries. Could you imagine if a country decided to send almost 60 missiles into the United States? You can’t. These people need our help, and we are continuing to destroy their country. Chemical attacks are disturbing. They are an immoral act of war. However, the United States cannot continue to be a hypocritical nation. We cannot decide we don’t want a certain type of person in this country and then decide to bomb their homeland. Also, President Trump constantly urged President Obama to not attack Syria. And if you don’t believe me…


I have seen variations in the cost of one ballistic missile. The lowest is $38,000 per missile, the most being $7 million per missile. This is a huge range but regardless, 60 missiles cost between $2.3 million – $420 million. When the United States currently has a water crisis in Flint, alarming poverty and public education concerns in some of America’s biggest cities, students with increasing debt due to loans, and more, was it wise to spend so much money on missiles?

Reports say that six Syrian soldiers were killed. That’s one soldier per 10 missiles. Also, there have been reports that Russia was notified before the bombings and Syrian intel and planes were moved prior to the missiles being launched. Russia and other countries have called the United States’ bombing an act of “aggression.” The question remains if this bombing was worth the cost both short-term and long-term.

As a country that likes to meddle in the affairs of others, we must stand to protect others. Being the most powerful nation in the country, we have the ability to protect the lives of millions of people. Yes, terrorism is occurring frequently in the world, but no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been carried out by people from countries included in the Muslim Ban. If we would like to get technical, white men have been a large part of terrorism on U.S. soil in the past decade, but that’s for another article.

The United States is in a very delicate situation at the current moment and another war in the Middle East may be unavoidable. It will be interesting to see how Russia, China, North Korea, and Middle Eastern countries react to the United States’ belief that we can bomb whomever and whenever we want. Until then, keep your thoughts and prayers for the people of Syria up and let’s get to 2020 in one piece.

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