MLK Day Tarnished By Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric 

I don’t like going on political rants, but this one is definitely deserved. Why is Donald Trump the keynote speaker at Liberty University today?

This day is a day where we all are supposed to celebrate the life of a man who preached peace and displayed the love and acceptance for all people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be disgusted today.

King was a man of God. He was not without his own faults, but he was a man who tried his best to unite others who are of a different color. People of different creeds. Different gender identifications. Different nationalities. All in all, likely much, much more than just this.

He would be upset about a man who has spoke ill of people who are different and have not many people to defend them. The good Dr. King would lose his mind at seeing his “brothers and sisters” spewing so much hate at each other.

Personally, I’m sick to my stomach. I want to see people love. I want to see people respect one another’s differences and understand each other. It honestly just makes me lose hope in our society when a person like Trump gets to soil Dr. King’s name on this day. I’m appalled.

Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

We needed to see love today. We needed to see people put real values over the almighty dollar. Trump isn’t a “real Christian”. He spews more hate, lies, and makes a fool of his fellow Americans on a daily basis.

His lies, like these, have put fear into the hearts of many Americans and how it has been challenged by PoliFact:

I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” he said at a Nov. 21 rally in Birmingham, Ala. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” Pants on Fire. There is no video of thousands of people in Jersey City cheering. Weeks later, Trump continues to stand by his claim but has not been able to point to evidence to back it up. Public safety officials on the ground in New Jersey say it never happened.


Reuters/Dominic Reuter


The Mexican government … they send the bad ones over.” Pants on Fire. There’s no evidence to show the Mexican government encourages criminals to cross the border. Most illegal immigration comes from people seeking work. Recent estimates show illegal immigration from Mexico dropped off dramatically during the recession and has remained low.




Whites killed by whites — 16%. Whites killed by blacks — 81%,” said an image he shared on Twitter. Pants on Fire. Most people are killed by someone they know, and someone of the same race. The correct number for whites killed by whites was 82 percent in 2014, while the number of whites killed by blacks was 15 percent.

Is that a person that you want to run your country? Is that a man who speaks for all Americans? Will he be able to lead us forward despite all of the hateful, bigoted, and misinformed statements that he makes? Does he represent Dr. King’s values?

My answer to all of those questions is no.

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  1. Keith says

    It’s only been a short time ago that the mainstream has afforded Black Americans the right to realize the rights of being an American – the self-evident truth to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have to have hope, despite the vitriol that those like Trumps, that the hearts, minds and consciences of us all will spread the word that Dr. King’s dream is the American dream. May he forever live on.

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