60 Minutes with Baby Kahlo

For Episode 24 of 60 Minutes, Baby Kahlo curates an hour of her favorite songs

There’s been a lot of new artists in Baltimore that I’ve become fans of this year. Even with 2017 not quite over, I can’t help but look forward 2018. One of the new artists I’m excited about the most in the city is Baby Kahlo.

Her progression from the top of the year has been quick, as it seems like as soon I heard about her, she was popping up on show flyers already. Artist development has been key as well, as she’s already crafted an image and sound for herself. After a slew of singles and months of hard work, I think it finally all came together on her most recent single “Down 2 Go.”

With a project on the way soon, we had her curate episode 24 of 60 Minutes. She blended a mix of her musical influences with what’s heavy in her rotation now, thus making for a an hour of all different sounds. Listen to Episode 24 of 60 Minutes with Baby Kahlo below as well as on Apple Music.

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