Al Hostile Surprises With ‘Smile Always Pt. 2’

In my interview earlier this year with Al Hostile, he spoke candidly about his love for singing, saying “I like singing though. I love rapping, of course, but singing is tough as shit – it’s fucking amazing.” Al has a couple of singing features this far in his discography, like on Kasey Jones’ Get Well Soon and “Vet” from MikeyTha$avage’s New Year New Money.

On his album Smile Always from earlier this year, he kept that same pattern going with a mix of both signing and rapping. However, a surprise release may catch some off guard as the shift focuses to more signing than accustomed to from Hostile for the follow-up, Smile Always Pt. 2.

Al makes it known this is not a typical project from him out of the gate with not a single rapped lyric on the opener “Naked (Everything).” A previous single, “4MyMomma,” also returns to round out the project, fitting well with the rest of the six track offering. Listen to Smile Always Pt. 2, now available everywhere, below on SoundCloud.

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