The Silver Surfer Interview

Shwaze Collins & Jayno Beatz speak on their recent collaboration

“It’s a cosmic wave”, that’s the phrase that Shwaze Collins used to describe his latest project, ‘The Silver Surfer’ EP. The Baltimore native has been at it for years, but for this project, he cliqued up with incredibly versatile producer Jayno Beatz. I spoke with the pair (along with their manager Taji Burris) about how the project came to be.

We’ve interviewed Shwaze a few times for The Demo Tape, but this is our first time talking to you Jayno. How did you get your start producing?
Jayno: I started out making club music then after that I stopped producing and doing a whole lot of stuff. Playing a lot of instruments, I started playing the violins, the drums, the piano. Then I got back to it I was like “Yeah, I can really make beats.” I just started taking it seriously this year, but I’ve been making beats for like four years.

When did you start taking it seriously?
Jayno: My first thousand dollars *laughs*
I was like “I can do this instead of working.” People seem to like my stuff, like my craft so I decided to go with it

Shwaze, how is Silver Surfer different from your previous work?
Shwaze: It’s more versatile. Jayno, he don’t just send one type of beat. Even though they’re different, they’re still cohesive.

So what’s the process like when you two work together?
Jayno: We’re always on the same page, as soon as I send him a beat he’s like “Yo I was just thinking of that.” So we work together if he needs something, I’ll send it to him.
Shwaze: Then we had a couple sessions where we just made all the beats at one time.
The project is named after the Silver Surfer, are you big comic book guys?
Shwaze: I really fuck with Marvel, Silver Surfer is definitely in my top 3. I’d also say Spider-Man and Wolverine, of course. He’s a savage.

You cool though so you gotta be Silver Surfer, I couldn’t see Shwaze on the Wolverine Project.
Shwaze: Yeah I’m like the laid back type. The power of cosmic, I don’t know it stands out to me. Just what he does. Like he just has his own wave, his own style.

You think the cosmic shit ties into your life?
Shwaze: Yeah most definitely. A lot of times I’ll be chilling, sitting in my whip listening to beats and stuff, looking at the stars and everything just thinking “Yo this could really be an amazing song.”I have a really big work ethic so I’m always in the studio. Even though I have a 9-5, I’m always in the studio. When I go in there I do like four or five tracks at a time.

Jayno what’s your process like?
Jayno: I get beats done in like 10 or 15 minutes
Shwaze: On his Zaytoven shit
Jayno: I’ll get multiple beats done then just lay em out like “Shwaze’ll like this, Shwaze’ll like this.” 

Is this a partnership y’all see going for a long time like YG and Mustard?
Jayno: Most definitely cause his style changed like my style changed

Jayno what are some of your influences?
Jayno: Zaytoven, OG Parker, I listen to a lot of YFN Lucci so that’s where the pianos come from then I just try to make it my own
Shwaze, what’s the difference in production between Dame, 187, and Jayno?
Shwaze: The sound is different. Dame and me connected cause he has a trap sound but it still matches what I do. I don’t really call it trap music, I don’t even know what to call it, it’s my version of trap music. With 187 it’s mainly sample-heavy music. When I get on samples that’s when the main bars come. When I get with Jayno, it’s just that Silver Surfer galactic galaxy kind of wave. So like I said with Jayno it’s mad versatile so I could just flow heavy on it.

What’s the end goal?
Jayno: Get this money, make this bread. 

Don’t you want the fame or the notoriety?
Jayno: Fame can’t pay my bills
Shwaze: I just want everybody to enjoy the music. That’s my main thing, I love making music. I want everybody to love it like I love it. I know everybody ain’t going love it, but I want everybody to just feel it you know what I mean?

You feel like you get enough love for it?
Shwaze: Yeah and I feel like the love is just getting greater and greater every time. So I just gotta keep pushing. It ain’t all gonna happen in one day, I just think like “Damn I feel it coming soon, I just don’t know when.”

How can music give back?
Shwaze: Sometimes I want people to look up to me like “Damn he doing it big, I can do this shit.” A lot of times when people rap they don’t really have a real reason they just be like “Oh they mans said they could rap.” With me, I looked up to Lil’ Wayne. Wayne was really spitting when he was on Drought 3, Dedication 2, Carter II, I was like “Damn, he really just spitting.” That’s my main icon. Back then I was in seventh grade so I just started writing, my dad found my book. He was like “You know if you really put your mind to it you could be something,” that’s when I really put my mind to this music shit. I didn’t start recording till 10th/11th grade. When I got behind the mic it started out a little slow, but I just had to keep growing, keep doing it and now that’s where I am today. I know that in the future I’ll be unstoppable.

So you feel any pressure to talk about street shit?
Shwaze: I make music that revolves around my life. I can’t really talk about too much street shit cause, you know I grew up in the county. I’m not going say that I don’t be in street shit sometimes but I really just gravitate towards what I know. Can’t really talk about selling drugs, never sold drugs. Can’t really talk about guns and all that. I don’t do that. I’m a county nigga. But just because I’m from the county doesn’t mean that I don’t know about the street shit cause it’s not far from the city. When it comes to that real gritty street shit, I don’t participate in that.

Do you feel a stigma being from the county?
Shwaze: Most of the time
Jayno: Nah
Taji: Nah, to be simple a lot of county dudes out here faking, rapping ’bout street shit. If he really wanted to go that route he could, but he’s making music true to himself. It’s a slower process, granted, but it’s going pay off in the end ’cause to keep it a bean, it ain’t too many people that’s really goin’ stick around in the long haul. Our goal is to make music that’s going be played for years. 

Shwaze, why do you say it is a stigma then?
Shwaze: Cause you know Baltimore ears they wanna hear the hard trap street shit. When it comes to what I rap about, not everybody is goin’ fuck with it off the bat cause it’s not what they’re used to hearing. So I try to make music for me and for the people that fuck with it. If you fuck with the music I fuck with you, if you don’t fuck with it I still fuck with you cause you still taking the time to listen. That’s all I really want is for you to take the time to listen.

Jayno do you think it’s a stigma?
Jayno: Not really I feel like whoever got the most clout at the end of the day wins. Even if you from the county if you wanna rap and you got the most clout you goin’ win. If you got the most money you goin’ win. At the end of the day, everybody in Baltimore that raps that really pushed themselves had the clout and the money too. People want somebody they can look up to that’s what they look up to.

“I got songs with a couple people, but if I feel like I don’t get that vibe from you I’m not going send you nothing. If I feel like you rapping just cause your mans told you to do it or ’cause you think you going get females off of it, I’m not really going send you beats.” – Jayno Beatz

When y’all get that bread, speaking it into existence now, what hustle y’all coming out with?
Shwaze: Brisk, I gotta have the Brisk. I am the originator of the Brisk and the blunt. I love Brisk. If it ain’t going be Brisk, it’s going be Bape. Bape is my favorite streetwear clothing line. Brisk is that number one thing, I’ve been going after that for years.
Jayno: Me coming up, personally, I always looked at it like there’s more talent in the city than street rappers. There’s actual talent in the city that’s better than who they claim is top five so I’d rather open a record label or something in the city that’ll boost those who aren’t able to get the clout and the money cause everybody trying get out. There’s people in a situation right now rapping they ass of that need to get out, but they can’t because somebody else got more clout and money than them.  My goal is just to help out, give back to the city.

The Silver Surfer EP is available on every major streaming platform. Keep up with Shwaze on Twitter @ShwazeCollins and on Instagram @ShwazeCollins93. You can follow Jayno Beatz on Twitter and Instagram @JaynoBeatz.

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