They Want It RAW – Meet RAW Founder Jay Scott

Jay Scott had a solid 2016 by most standards. His brand RAW took solid steps towards world domination and the designer’s profile is rising by the day. Honestly, Scott probably lost track how many trucker hats and RAW tees he sold last year. For most this would be enough reason to take a foot off the gas and coast, but Jay Scott is not like most.

“I want to be known across the world. I want people to go crazy and pass out when I step out a car”.

That’s what Scott said to me in our recent conversation. The idea being that he truly wants to be a game-changing force not just in Baltimore but all over. The path to world domination begins January 29th, when RAW drops their first collection of the year. For Scott, this is his first time dropping a collection all at once. He felt that dropping things sporadically got his supporters “lost in the sauce” comparing it to Lil Wayne dropping single after single while leaving fans hungry for a full project. In rolling out this collection at a sold out event, Scott has created a holiday for his brand dubbing it RAW Day.

His ambition is clear, he wants RAW Day to become an annual thing where RAW gives back to the city with an event for supporters spotlighting local artist and performers. Think OVOFest for Baltimore. Everything that Scott does with RAW is meant to inspire others to fulfill their full own potential.

Originally, Jay Scott did not intend to start a clothing line. Always fly personally, Scott didn’t know that he could create his own clothing line until he saw Kyle Johnson make things happen with his Wealth and Abundance line.

“Kyle from Wealth and Abundance showed me that a regular person from Baltimore Maryland could have a clothing line.”

Seeing Wealth and Abundance along with other local brands like Street Runnas gain popularity gave RAW a blueprint to work from. Scott combined his own fashion sense with creative insights to create and market his company. Before RAW, Scott’s style was always a talking point for his peers. “When I went to events, people would watch to see what I was going to show up with.” His style is noted by incorporating extraordinary pieces into his wardrobe whether it be an unconventional pattern or a mixing and matching materials. 

Building a brand is never an easy process. RAW has had to deal with imitators and non-believers over the past few years. To Jay, someone imitating his brand just means that it’s time to move onto the next thing. He made sure to emphasize that there’s a fine line between someone taking inspiration from you and someone stealing your ideas. It comes with the territory so instead of getting upset he uses it as motivation that he’s on the right track. One piece of advice he had for upcoming designers was “You cannot rush your moment.” You have to keep working at your craft without looking at others with spite or envy.

When I asked Scott what he had in store for 2017 he had some lofty, but attainable goals. First things first, he wants his name to be known across the world. He wants to travel more while at the same time hosting pop-up shops with fellow designers across the nation. As for Baltimore, Jay Scott stressed that he wants to have a store in the city by this time next year.

If you’re reading this the day it drops, tonight RAW will be hosting an event from 6 to 10 with art, live music, and drinks on deck. RAW’s new collection will be unveiled shortly after the event at midnight on Friday. The event is sold out but you’re interested in attending the after party or you’re looking to keep up with RAW in the future be sure to follow Jay Scott on Twitter @JxyScott and follow RAW @TheRawBrand. You can also keep up with Jay on IG @RawWorldxJS. Oh yeah, word of advice from Jay Scott himself. If you’re trying to step your gam6801 Preinkert Dr.e up fashion wise this year please get rid of the bootcuts.

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