5 Activities for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Without a Valentine this year? Don't worry

Valentine’s Day can be very romantic for some, but also very lonesome for others.  Those who are not sharing the day with their significant other or someone special often times take the day as a time to dwell on the fact that they are single, aimlessly scrolling through FilpGrams of happy couples celebrating and Snapchat stories of their friends enjoying their dates. After watching people be in love all day, who wouldn’t feel lonely?

Personally, I love to watch the Snaps and retweet the pictures of couples in their fancy clothes with their delicious dinner plates. However, I understand that kind of selflessness on today is rare. So, for those of who would rather not watch someone else live our your Valentine’s Day fantasy, here are five things you can do instead to embrace self-love on this day of love.

Take the day off work!

The worst way to celebrate a holiday is at work! Take the day off, and enjoy your day to the fullest from beginning to end!


Order your favorite dish, and have it delivered

Couples aren’t the only ones that can enjoy delicious food on February 14th! Treat yourself to your favorite comfort food! I can guarantee you that if no one else will love you, your taste buds and your tummy will after you bless them with food that you love! Whether you’re ordering directly from your favorite restaurant, or via Uber Eats or Postmates, make sure you enjoy some of your favorite food today.


Send out messages of appreciation!

Whether you tell your friends often how much you love them or not, Valentine’s Day will always be the perfect day to remind them. When you spread love, you get love back. Sending out “love letters” to your friends will remind you that you are not as lonely as you may think.


Get Sexy!

On a regular day, our schedules may get busy and we really only have time to throw on some sweats and put our hair in a bun. Although you still may be poppin’ in your sweats, there’s nothing like pulling out the sexiest outfit in your closet. Take some pictures in your favorite outfit! (Ladies, you can even pull out that lingerie and have a photoshoot for your eyes only!)


Pamper Yourself

If you never have the time, make the time today! Spend the day at the spa, get a massage, something of that sort. You can search Groupon for great deals as well! Relax and reflect on all the positive aspects of your life today, instead of being down because you’re single.

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