Four Artists Share Their Ideal Valentine’s Day Dates

Four artists share their ideal Valentine's Day dates

Oscvr Wow
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Oscvr Wow (Rapper)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“Start our day off at brunch [so] my shorty get to sleep in a lor bit.
We go on adventures the whole day, catch the train out to D.C. for a couple hours, go to some hidden wonders and visit the National Gallery of Art. I planted little notes at each spot like a week before with cards telling her why I love her. The cards got letters on the back of each of them and they spell out ‘Be Mine.’
Come back, get dinner at like Fogo de Chão or some shit, go home, and I give her a newspaper and ask her to solve the crossword puzzle; shit going spell out ‘I love you’ and have specific things we’ve done as answers (yes, I made a fake newspaper for my shawty).
We sip tea, we chill, then I suddenly tell her we dipping at like 5 in the morning. We go out to this field deep in the county and watch the sunrise while I got some fire crackers going off in the distance.”



Janea Brown

Janea Brown (Singer/Songwriter)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“*Sighs* Valentine’s Day. This day is always bitter-sweet. Every year I’m guaranteed a valentine, seeing as though it’s my grandmothers birthday. My mother also always made my sister and I feel special on Valentine’s Day with gifts and candy. Thankfully, it’s not a day I see specifically for lovers or I’d be screwed.

My 2018 plans will most likely be catered to WORK -laughs-. Working on a holiday can’t stop a girl from dreaming though, right? My ideal plans for Valentine’s Day would be to take my grandmother out for brunch on her birthday with my family. I work a lot, so after brunch, meeting someone special for a nap would be love! He’d wake me up to a bunch of kisses with all of my favorite snacks in the bed, and my favorite wine in a huge wine glass on the night stand. We’d eat the snacks and watch a bunch of videos on YouTube, or ratchet TV, because that’s one of my favorite things to do -laughs-.

Shortly after talking, watching TV, eating all of those snacks, and of course, kissing, he’d tell me to get dressed to go somewhere I’ve never been, where the music is all R&B & there’s more wine -laughs-. Of course, I’d be hungry by the time we got back home, so ideally he’d have Mexican food waiting for us in the fridge. Following dinner, he’d surprise me with my favorite ice cream and a thoughtful gift of his choice. Lastly, a massage therapist would knock on the door to give the both of us a massage. We’d cuddle and go to sleep. Imagine that being my ideal Valentine’s Day and then BOOM it really happens. Ha.”



Reem Unknown

Reem Unknown (Producer)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“My ideal Valentine’s Day would go something like this: I wake up and I shoot a bunch of lovey-dovey texts to my girl, plan out the day, get gifts, etc. Now, planning the day is the hard part because there’s so many variables that play important roles and can very well determine the outcome of the day. I would take into account what I wanna do with my shorty, where I wanna go for dinner, and how to be romantic like a functioning human being (I’m awkward as hell and I have social anxiety). So, I’d take her out to a Pho spot; a real lowkey restaurant where we can enjoy each other’s company and get some good Pho noodles. (Pho fuckin’ smacks my nigga. Beat my ass if you think otherwise). So, afterwards, we’d go back to the pad and exchange gifts, do romantic shit, spark up, listen to love songs, and watch anime. And after all that, I’d risk fatherhood (with consent – consent is a must.)

P.S. – I might (MIGHT) eat her ass”


Photo via @rodesca

V.erge (Rapper)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“Alright, so an ideal Valentine’s Day would of course start off with a blunt of haze or an OG strain rolled in either a Fronto leaf or Raw paper (whichever is closest). I would then proceed to send a text to a girl I’d wish to see, in hopes that we could kick it. Assuming shorty says yes, we’d go out to eat to this lil performance cafe downtown that I’ve been meaning to hit. Shortly after, I might be full, so I’d want to smoke on the way to the movies or skating – depending on if Suga is boring or not. And to top the night off, I’d like to just chill, listen to music, play UNO and let Shorty choose. Yuhearme…you know V…you know me.”

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