“SWEET, SEXY, SMOOTH”: Ravyn Lenae and Steve Lacy Exude Musically Superior Infernos on new “CRUSH EP”:

Ravyn Lenae shows the entire world this time around the brilliance we knew she had all along.

There is a time in which your favorite indie artist or lowkey musical favorite undeniably pops into the spotlight and a longtime fan is conflicted. The conflict comes from wondering if the masses will be able to appreciate the genius and creativity of your artist without demanding unrealistically from their artistry, or your artist decreasing in quality after achieving the goal of their hustle.  Ravyn Lenae is such an incredible artist from Chicago that matches this description and has prompted this dilemma in me. However, she did not evolve or put out content unworthy of hearing; she blossomed one of her greatest pieces to date for the masses..

Getting on her wave since Summer 2016, Ravyn Lenae has not slowed down in her consistency and powerful accolades to become the vibey, easy-breezy vocal glue to Chicago’s reign over the modern Hip Hop sphere.

This week, following the fantastic and dynamically positive response to the radio-friendly “Sticky” song/music video to the masses, Ravyn Lenae and producing prodigy Steve Lacy follow up with a fiery EP just in time for Valentine’s Day creeping up. We got Christmas twice in only a couple months, folks.

The crazy part about this EP, and therein this entire review, is that it is near-impossible to pick a favorite song from this 5-track masterpiece (and current magnum-opus) from the Chicago songstress and her The Internet-fostered partner in lyrical crime. The instrumentation, transitions, quality of hooks, lyricism, appeal, and energy exuded from each and every track allows for the EP to flow effortlessly.  This might be the best blueprint for a R&B collab project from now until the end of everything. Do yourself a blessing and play this track on trips and excursions with bae, driving or in a playlist meant to induce positivity and fiery romance worthy of our generation’s praise across the nation.

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