Valentino’s Plays Volume 2

1.) “Sticky” by Ravyn Lenae:

If you have not yet heard this track, “you are missing out” is an understatement. Produced by the young prodigy Steve Lacy himself, Ravyn Lenae delivers a dazzlingly groovy tune that would be perfect for any party, kickback session or Sunday stroll at a park. Ravyn Lenae has been adding her spice on sizzling tracks for years now, performing with the biggest rising Chicago artists with her unique style and signature red hair. More than ever, “Sticky” certifies the slim young goddess and the importance of her as the soulful and vocal adhesive to the modern Chicago/mainstream music industry. Please blast in your car, at the top of the volume of your headphones and everywhere else. Anddddd, if you thought this song was something special, the nostalgic music video will keep your eyes glued to the screen as well for “Sticky.”


2.) “Chiraq” by Nicki Minaj feat. Lil’ Herb:

Twitter is a wonderful place. A video shared by Twitter user @brayzin , now at 1.4 million views, 93.4k likes and 41.7K retweets , details our favorite Black musical artists and celebrities at the 2018 Grammy’s red carpet in slow motion showcasing their fits and poses as Nicki Minaj’s opening verse from the song “Chiraq” feat. Lil Herb plays. This short, but phenomenally edited video showcases how fly, talented and culture-pushing Black people are in all shades and representations. The clever unintentional marketing made me check out “Chiraq” by Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Herb once more and honestly, you should too. We make many jokes about the Harujuku Barbie, but in her prime she was not to be trifled with lyrically. Even some of her mainstream projects through 2015 showcased her skill, with the lyrical grit, relentlessness, marksman-like flow and Mike Tyson hitting bars of “Chiraq” doing so. Look the song back up in your spare time, analyze the flow and lyrics once more, and you too will love this almost 4-year old throwback.

3.) “Lottery” by Kali Uchis:

Sometimes we want others to introduce us to new artists when it’s more simple than not to MAKE time to play their most recent material available everywhere. On a Sunday walk to the bank, I decided to finally hear a full project from Kali Uchis and I was not disappointed one bit. I have heard her with my favorite alternative rappers and R&B singers, and she has shined every time. On her own project, “Por Vida”, she did not disappoint, especially with the groovy bright track that is “Lottery.” Her style is so pure and the jubilance expressed in the song will give anyone pleasure as they give needed alone and chill time to themselves.

4.) “After the Storm” by Kali Uchis feat. Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins:

Kali Uchis is in the mainstream more often now because of her clever and great features, and last week she gave us visuals and audio for her newest single “After the Storm” feat. Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins (Yes, muddaf****n’ Bootsy Collins the LEGEND). The track was not only as groovy as a new-age Motown song with clean vocals and instrumentals, but a fantastic message with inspiring lyrics and every bar as sung by Kali Uchis. You all would love, even if you have never heard of her before.

5.) “Frozen” by Sabrina Claudio:

Sabrina Claudio is one of those artists whom you also have to make time to listen to because the music is that good. Listening to “Frozen” by Sabrina Claudio made me feel like I could fall in love again and find peace in someone’s arms as we sink in the winter solace together in peace. This song is one of the most beautiful compositions and vocal performances you will hear from someone you never heard of before. Drives alone, long walks, and romantic chills with bae are complimented by this standout track from this artist.

6.) “Something New” by SiR feat. Etta Bond:

I wrote about SiR last week in my review about his breakout album from TDE, “November”. This track is a standout duet track from this project. The vibes speak for themselves.

7.) “Made Men” by Migos:

The criticism and praises alike have come about Migos’ “CULTURE II” album, but this track undeniably captured me despite the varied opinions. The soulful trap ballad of struggle to glory, led by Takeoff, is phenomenally breezy. It was a great second-to-last track to have for the project and a favorite Migos’ track of all time from a chill-vibe standpoint.


8.) “In Remembrance” by Blu & Exile:

Social media introduced me to what is commonly known as a underground classic with Blu & Exile’s “Below the Heavens” album from over 10 years ago. Regardless of time, this album, its instrumentals, and storytelling stand the test of time. “In Remembrance” has yet to leave my playlist and earphones for days on end with the heavenly instrumental and fantastically romantic/pensive lyrics. If you do nothing today as a self-proclaimed Hip Hop fan, please give this track a try.


Until next week everyone! Thanks for reading!

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