TDT’s Super Bowl LII Predictions

Who will win the highly-anticipated rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX? TDT makes their picks.

It’s finally Super Bowl Sunday! The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest spectacle in the world of sports, as it brings everybody together to celebrate the two best teams in football. The hype has been built all week and now we get to see how it all plays out, as the AFC champion New England Patriots will battle the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots have won numerous Super Bowls, while the Eagles have never been able to hoist the highly-coveted Lombardi Trophy. Who will come out on top in Super Bowl LII? Our team here makes their picks for the big game.

Justice Gray, Editor-in-Chief: Patriots

I’m taking Belichick & Co. and this one. Even with Gronk coming off a concussion suffered in the AFC title game, I think the Pats have enough offensively to go up against the defense of the Eagles. Coach Doug Pederson lead his team through a fantastic regular season. Even after the loss of franchise QB Carson Wentz, who was ruled out for the season after tearing his ACL and LCL in a December 10 win against the Los Angeles Rams, his team’s confidence never waivered after inserting Nick Foles into the starting lineup. They’ve embraced the role of “underdog” all the way to the Super Bowl in just Pederson’s first season as head coach.

However, it would be foolish to bet against quite possibly the greatest head coach of all time and the greatest quarterback of all time in the biggest game of the season. No matter who’s lined up next to or opposite of Brady, he’s been the quintessential example of a bonafide winner throughout his career. My money is on Brady taking home his sixth ring tonight.


Jordan Teixeira, Staff Writer: Eagles

As an Eagles fan this pick isnʼt too difficult for me to make. My guys have made it this far, and of course I want to see us win our first ever Super Bowl. Yes the Patriots have arguably both the greatest coach and quarterback in NFL history, in the form of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, but I just feel as though the Eagles will show up on Sunday as the much hungrier bunch. This Philadelphia squad is one that has been counted out time and time again no matter what the results have shown this entire season. Of course losing Carson Wentz to a season ending injury was devastating and a huge blow to what the team was doing offensively, but people must understand that this team as a whole is so much more talented than just one great piece.

Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson have done a masterful job of washing away the torturous Chip Kelly era, and now here we are back in the Super Bowl for the first time since our last appearance in 2004 against none other than the New England Patriots. I expect this rendition to be similar in the sense of the game being pretty well played and coached, but deep down inside I really do feel like this is one that my Eagles can win for our first ever Lombardi hardware.

Fandom and feelings aside though, from an Xʼs and Oʼs standpoint I do genuinely believe that there are advantages in favor of my underdog Eagles. I think our ability to generate pressure on the quarterback with just a four man rush will be extremely vital against Bradyʼs greatness. On the other side of the ball, we are pretty versatile in both our pass and run game which will be key in keeping that Pats defense on their heels for all four quarters. If we take care of the football and keep the penalties to a minimum, we have the opportunity to accomplish something very special in this one. Iʼm going with a close final score of 24-20 in favor of Philly, letʼs hope that my Birds actually get it done for once. The city of Philadelphia is very much deserving of its first ever Super Bowl parade. Fly Eagles, Fly baby!


Jordan Taylor aka BDJ, Managing Editor: Patriots

It’s a rule of mine to never bet against history. Past performance predicts future success so I don’t have the heart to go against the team that’s been to and won more championships that any other squad this era. My prediction is the Patriots win in a close one boosted by two crucial scores from Aaron Hernandez and Donte Stallworth. Then, postgame Bill Belichick announces his retirement only to reappear in 2 years coaching Johnny Manziel in the XFL.


Brandon Austin, Senior Editor/Sports Director: Eagles

I have gone back and forth on this one in my head these past couple days. I was on record picking the Patriots to win, but I have changed my minds, folks. The Eagles have battled a great deal of adversity over the course of the season. They lost their young stud quarterback Carson Wentz and one of their better young defensive players in Jordan Hicks. This was a major blow, or so we thought. Everyone thought their season was over, myself included. I am not ashamed to admit it. But, I have doubted Doug Pederson’s squad too many times this season. I picked them to lose in the Divisional round. They won. I picked them to lose to the Vikings in the NFC Championship. They won. I’m not going to do it again.

Sure, Nick Foles can’t hold Tom Brady’s jockstrap on a typical day. But this isn’t a typical day. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my 24 years on this Earth, is that any team can win on any given Sunday. Philadelphia’s offense can keep up with anybody and their defense is much better than advertised. This is a team that has risen to the occasion all year long. The Eagles are taking the field to Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares.” Meek has taught us about wins and losses. The city has taken their fair share of losses, but this is the perfect time for a win.

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