Buy Us, For Us: Jug$port

In honor of Black History Month, we will be spotlighting 28 Black-owned businesses throughout the month of February

Business Owner: Jug

Brand Manager: Bp (Brian)

Brand Photographer: Yanz (Yas)

Business Owner’s Age(s): Unknown

Business Owner’s Social Media: IG: (1) @jugsport (2) jugsportbrand

Brand Manger’s Social Media: IG @bpnogasss

Brand Photographer Social Media: IG @chico_yanz

Business Name: Jug$port Brand

Business Website:


Jug$port is a lifestyle brand, that doesn’t just sell apparel, but also sells a lifestyle. Branching out to give supporters substance and also good quality product. Jug$port produces the most durable, comfortable fitted clothing as possible. As an in-house brand, Jug$port produce their own clothing and designs which gives a better opportunity to give supporters exactly what they want.


Why did you start your business?

I started Jug$port because I honestly got tired of working for all of these big companies/brands such as Fedex, Walmart, etc. Having so many different jobs and positions gave me the knowledge on how to run a business so many different ways. Once I got into graphics in 2012, I started making logos and after developing two clothing lines with two different partners, i decided to do something by myself, my way and “Jug$port” was created.


What is your favorite part of having your own business?

Simply being able to wake up and do what I want. Being able to create, and make a living off of what you love to do has to be my favorite part.


How do you feel about the importance of supporting black owned businesses?

I feel like we are the “ONLY” ethnic group that lacks foundation and ownership. If we want to improve the “hood” it has to first start by supporting the businesses within. Think about this instead of spending $150 at Nike, why not supporting your local “black owned” brand that has potential to be a Nike. These are the brands that would be willing to put money back into the “hood,” not Nike.



What are some obstacles you run into with the progression of your business?

One of the business obstacles is making sure customers receive their product efficiently as possible. We are an “in-house” brand meaning we do everything ourselves from production, packaging, distribution, marketing, etc. It’s a difficult process, especially when your brand goes from doing 2 online sales a week to 20 orders a week.


What is some advice you can give others who are interested in starting a black-owned business?

Don’t be discouraged. Plan ahead of time, and be original.


“Thank you to everyone that has been supporting the brand. Thank you Demo Tape family for letting me be a part of this segment.” –


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