Buy Us, For Us: Celeste Essentials

Business Owner’s Name: Mikala Williamson

Business Owner’s Age: 21

Business Owner’s Social Media Accounts:
IG @mkdoeshair / Twitter @celesteessentials

Business Name: Celeste Essentials (Raleigh, NC)


Celeste Essentials is an all natural hair and skin care product line designed for sensitive skin or people that prefer natural products over processed chemicals.


Why did you start your business?

I started my business because I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products don’t work for me. I also wanted to make my hair grow without spending a ton of money so I decided to make my own business.


What is your favorite part of having your own business?

I love being an advocate for something I love. I love being able to teach others about natural products and what works best for all types of skin and hair types. I love the learning process of it all.


How do you feel about the importance of supporting black owned businesses?

I feel it is extremely important to put black money back into the black community, many African Americans have been stereotyped as lazy and uneducated and black businesses prove otherwise.


Celeste Essentials

I love being able to teach others about natural products and what works best for all types of skin and hair types. – Mikala Williamson, Celeste Essentials

What are some obstacles you run into with the progression of your business?

I have run into the problem of finding support. More strangers support me than my own friends. I offer free hair services in exchange for a shout out and even though they love their hair and take pictures anyways, they do not tag me. I’ve also had people use me to get free products.


What is some advice you can give to others who are interested in starting a black-owned business?

Just go for it. If it keeps popping up in your thoughts just start. Even if your business is not constructed how you want it to be yet, there is always another chance to start fresh. Start now because later in life you may not have the time or resources you do now.

Williamson not only creates the products but she also offers hair styling services: silk presses and natural styles are $35, and dreads start at $40. These packages includes a deep condition, steam treatment and a facial.


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