“Y’all Are Actually On Some Nut S**t”: 5 Reasons to Watch Black Mirror’s New Season

Season 4 of Black Mirror is something that you don

One day a bunch of British writers got together for Happy Hour after work and one of them said: “Hey hey hey!!!….This is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out, hear me out…The Twilight Zone, except with cell phones!”

Now, this is not what happened or what was said at but when individuals ask me to explain what Black Mirror is about, I use this mundane explanation of Twilight Zone with cell phones. But, to put it more in depth, Black Mirror is a British show running for years now, streaming exclusively on Netflix. Right now, it is the best-written show currently out right now tackling insanely deep conversations every episode dealing with deep sociological, racial, philosophical, economic and ethical issues that can be turned into entire dissertations. The first episode (THE VERY FIRST EPISODE FOLKS) is so insanely wild that if you can get through it and recognize the conversation points that the episode is trying to strike, you can make it through every other episode. Even though each episode is a different scenario, the show’s episodes are largely unforgettable, with any fan of the show easily able to recall their favorite episode because of the emotional and intellectual triggers that it struck. The show also features actors many would be able to recognize at certain points throughout the series. You know you can sign up for a free month with Netflix and watch these episodes right? As jacked up as it is, why should you watch it? Here’s a Maurice Valentino Breakdown.


There was an article that came out recently trying to prompt the conversation that Black Mirror showcases suffering of Black People and although it was correct, every viewer of the show largely agreed that Black Mirror indiscriminately f**ks people more over than the 1st episode (no pun intended) across the board. The tragedies are insanely awful and worse than death sometimes, making one wonder what writers are that insanely good at creating terror through showcasing the double-edged swords of technology when polymerized with the heart of man? Some endings have made me want to not keep watching the show to be very honest. Although some episodes of Season 4 had me literally screaming at the screen and pulling out what little hair I had, the ratio of relatively positive endings of Season 4 made me smile, as opposed to many other episodes in previous seasons, was relatively positive. “USS Callister”, “Arkangel”, “Hang the DJ” and ESPECIALLY “Black Museum” had endings that made me smile and clap out loud for the characters who received liberation through their own means.

More Mindf**ks

Technology is cool as much as it is dangerous. We are in actuality already living in the future. So many technological advancements are at hand that the episodes do not seem that far away. However, the plot twists such as on “USS Callister”, “Black Museum” and ESPECIALLY “Crocodile” from Season 4 will definitely have you exclaiming WTF out loud more times than you can count.

Tighter Realism to the New World

To follow on the second point, while we do not know about technology, we all innately know the hearts of men and their fleshly temptations to do the wrong thing. Also, we know the hearts of men to know that we would act similarly if presented with the mind-boggling issues of this show. “Hang the DJ,” “Metalhead,” “Crocodile,” and “USS Callister” were extremely wild, but their characters’ actions were understandable given with the scenarios relative to each episode. The conversations invoked from this season are very important.

It is Amazing to Watch with Close Friends

Watching this season with friends who are on the same or varying intellectual plateaus as you are is a hilarious, thought-provoking and thrilling experience, especially if broadcasted on a large screen. Besides from “USS Callister,” the episodes are on average of an hour. Not too long, not too short, and more than enough for a party.

Excellent Usage of Production and Writing Elements

The writing elements, dialogue, realistic scenery, beautiful actors, plot twists, incorporated music, new technology, allusions to previous iconic episodes, and the video quality of the scenes makes this an insanely good show all around. I would rewatch the episodes with friends just for the unforgettable qualities that would make me come back for more.

You would want to start from Season 1: Episode 1, but with Black Mirror, you could literally pick any episode. Try Season 4 for starters if nothing else and enjoyed the wonderful, screwed up time.

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