The Classic Man Gives His Classy Regards: Review of Jidenna’s Surprise New EP ‘Boomerang’

Again, flashing the flyest 3-piece suits, carefully trimmed beard and smirk as he lays the most classy New Skool braggadocios rap verses, Jidenna whips back lightly towards the end of 2017 with his newest project: the Boomerang EP.

The timing and release of this project was exactly reminiscent of an actual boomerang: Whipping back around when you least expected it, except with new hits. Boomerang wasn’t an aggressive hit to signify the return of the Classic Man, but rather something light, quaint and completely enjoyable to let his fans and the rap game/music industry know that he is still one of the Wondaland Records’ heaviest hitters. Many wonder who and what this gentlemen Jidenna is about, and although his most commercially successful single, “Classic Man,”  displays a bit of her persona, it does not even scratch the surface of the enigma defining for this great artist.

As shown by his well-received full length debut project, Jidenna’s style is a clever fusion of singing and a rapping sophistication that fully displays his Stanford graduate status. Simply put, he just makes good ass music, y’all.

The perfect soundtrack for classy sophistiratchet-f*ckbois living their full life started with “Decibels.” You ever date an Afropunk going, lowkey high-maintenance, big natural-haired brown skinned nose-septum mami who calls you passionately-aggressively to leave a long message on your voicemail that you barely check? This is “Decibels,” as the Black queen talks Jidenna’s ear off as Jidenna gives light, but impactful wordplay over a great intro track to show that he is indeed back. In the song “Boomerang,” he executes his versatile singing ability. It was a quaint tune; good to hear, but indicative of a musical appetizer for what is to come with his next full length project.

“Spy Candy” is a lovely duet with Tiwa Savage that was arguably the most notable track on the EP. “I fell in love with a perfect ass,” Jidenna bellows soothingly in this ballad. Me too, Jidenna. Me too.

Something that brought the greatest smile on my face was the listing of “Bambi Too,” which indicated a remix of one of the highest performing and lauded songs off of “The Chief.” When I pressed play, I was not disappointed as I heard the great revamped track with great features including the trap Mozart, Quavo, absolutely slaying his segment per usual.

Unfortunately, “Little Bit More” bit off a little more than Jidenna could chew in an attempt  to establish a stand-out Reggae tribute in the cancerous amount made by modern male vocal artists in the U.S thanks to Drake’s examples. Jidenna’s voice was good but hearing yet another carbon copy of authentic Reggae showed me that this trend will not die off as long as the music industry sees it as a new way to gain popularity. “Out of Body,” to finish off the delightful EP, once again features the woman on the voicemail in the first track, “Decibels.” At the top of his game from a lyrical and sonic standpoint, Jidenna did not let us get away out of 2017 without one last musically appealing hooraw.


Listen to Boomerang below on Spotify

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