Ranking Meek Mill’s 25 Greatest Tracks of All-Time

Meek Mill just can’t catch a break. Last Monday, a judge sentenced the Philadelphia rapper to a minimum of two (maximum of four) years for violating probation. That ruling has Meek fans all over screaming, “Free Meek!” Sure, he has taken some Ls over the past couple years, but no matter how you slice it, Meek Mill has been an important figure in hip-hop for quite some time now. Here are 25 tracks that have stood out up to this point in Meek Mill’s career.

25. Issues

This was a much needed track for the summer. Cardiak has produced plenty of beats for Meek, but the “Issues” beat is by far one of the best. If you’re having issues in your life, throw this feel-good track on the speakers to get you going.


24. Dreamchasers (feat. Beanie Sigel)

The original Dreamchasers mixtape serves as pure motivation. Meek flowed over this one, telling us the story of how he grew up and what being a Dreamchaser is all about. It comes as no surprise that he’s spitting relatable bars that the streets need.


23. Tony Story 2

Although, the first installment of Meek’s “Tony Story” series was clearly the best of the three, the second one isn’t that far behind. It may not have been the most memorable, but I would argue that it has more emotion behind it.


22. Lean Wit It

This is that gritty Meek Mill — when he’s at his best, I might add. The aggression that he rapped with on this track is his calling card and is what has made him memorable as an artist. The production on “Lean Wit It” was flawless and Meek was able to deliver another banger.


21. Ready Or Not

Many artists have tried their hand at sampling the Fugees classic, but not many have had as much success with it as Meek. He sounded like a natural rapping over this beat, as he delivered gritty street bars, one by one. From a rapping standpoint, this was Meek at his best.


20. Heaven or Hell


“Heaven or Hell” is that real “trap soul.” Guordan Banks provided one of the smoothest hooks on any Meek song. Then, Meek did the rest, with the help of a filthy verse from Jadakiss. Meek is speaking directly to the streets on this one.


19. Left Hollywood

“Left Hollywood” is one of Meek’s most important songs, believe it or not. He has somewhat lost his way in being under the bright lights, but realized he had to get back to his roots. Meek is giving us that real rap.


18. Levels

I wish I was in the bracket that Meek is referring to in the early lines of this song. “Levels” is all about him talking his sh*t because he can. His bravado makes this song what it is, a certified banger.


17. Blue Notes

Some say Meek is predictable, but this is one of those moments where Meek decided to try something new. Before this track, we have never heard his spit over a guitar-dominated instrumental. You could call it trial and error, but Meek turned this experiment into a soulful street anthem.


16. We Ball (feat. Young Thug)

If you can’t feel this song, I guess you can’t feel anything. Over the course of his career, Meek has been able to evoke emotions from the listener through his music. This track is no exception, as he laments the loss of some fallen soldiers. Both Meek and his special guest, Young Thug, bodied this smooth beat.


15. Lord Knows


Meek and Tory Lanez linked up for what would be one of the strongest tracks off of the Dreams Worth More Than Money album. Meek rapped with such bravado on this track, as if he was the hardest rapper in the game. When he gives us music like this, it’s rather hard not to make a case for just that.


14. Litty (feat. Tory Lanez)

In terms of being a banger, this is the hardest track on Meek’s DC4 project. One thing I’ve learned is to never sleep on a Meek and Tory Lanez collab. They have such great chemistry in the booth, as evidenced by their second collaboration on this list.


13. The Trillest

“The Trillest” is one of Meek Mill’s most underrated tracks ever, in my opinion. Meek was on Cloud Nine when he recorded this and you can tell. He was on top of the rap game and he had Nicki Minaj by his side. Damn right, he was the trillest. Great song that doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves.


12. Monster

“Monster” is stamped in the streets a banger. Meek has a storied history with producer Jahlil Beats, and this one certainly did not disappoint. The music video has nothing to do with the song, but we’re going to give him a pass on that one because of how hard this song is.


11. All Eyes On You (feat. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj)

Some may think this slot is a bit high for a radio song, but you can’t disrespect a track that went double platinum. Meek was on top of the world when he had Nicki on his side. Although they’re no longer together, from their relationship came a bonafide smash hit. Who said street rappers can’t make love songs anyway?


10. Shine


When Meek dropped this track, he appeared to be in a different space. “I was born poor, but imma die rich.” This line is so simple, yet is so accurately sets the tone for the whole song, as Meek raps about his humble beginnings and how it has motivated him to get this money and be successful.


9. Banned From TV

This a throwback classic from Meek, as he absolutely bodied the familiar beat. A cut from his Mr. Philadelphia mixtape, “Banned From TV” highlights Meek’s clever wordplay. He’s been doing this for quite some time, going hard even before the Dreamchasers trilogy.


8. Middle of Da Summer

Yet another Dreamchasers track that makes the list. “Middle of Da Summer” really is a track you can ride to with the top down (or windows down) in the summertime. But it’s not all sunshine, as Meek gives us a vivid depiction of the harsh realities of the streets of Philadelphia.


7. House Party (feat. Young Chris)

This was the ultimate house party track for a long time. No surprises there, right? If you threw this on the speakers, you just knew it was going to be a great night. To be honest, we could do without Young Chris’ verse, but his mediocre verse doesn’t detract from the greatness of this song.


6. Lil Nigga Snupe

The case can certainly be made for this to be higher in the power rankings. “Lil Nigga Snupe” is without a doubt one of Meek’s most heartfelt tracks, as he pays tribute to his mentee, Lil Snupe, who was tragically gunned down in his hometown. All the pain Meek felt from this loss was unleashed on this track.


5. 1942 Flows


Wins & Losses is arguably Meek’s most complete album to-date, and “1942 Flows” is the best track on that project. The songs serves as pure motivation, as Meek genuinely talks about the come up and how he continues to grind in order to overcome roadblocks in his life. This is music to the ears.


4. Amen (feat. Drake)

Boy, do I miss the good ol’ days, where Meek Mill and Drake could be in the same room and it not be awkward. It is extremely important not to overlook the chemistry that these two artists had on this track. If only the two rap heavyweights could bury the hatchet and make music together again.


3. Ima Boss (feat. Rick Ross)

Meek was just oozing with confidence on “Ima Boss.” I can wholeheartedly relate to one of the line in the opening verse. “And I’m only 23. I’m the sh*t, now look at me.” Meek hit us with his usual aggression and Rozay came through with a very memorable verse as well.


2. Tony Story

Meek’s versatility was on full display here. One of the standout tracks off the original Dreamchasers mixtape, “Tony Story” details the story of two friends who turned on one another in the streets. Meek’s storytelling was on another level on this track, leaving no doubt that Meek was the next great out of Philly.


1. Dreams & Nightmares


Meek blessed us with arguably the greatest intro track of this generation when he dropped this. “Dreams & Nightmares” will never not be a banger in my eyes. He went from effortlessly flowing, spitting some real life bars, to snapping unforgivingly once that beat dropped. Looking back, this is one of the tracks that propelled Meek’s career. Certified classic.


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