A Cuffing Season Playlist For Every Step

From the people out there crushing to the cuffed there's a song for everyone

Cuffing Season means something different to everyone so we thought why not have people at different stages on the game give songs that relate to their current situations?



Cuffing Season Mood: Crushing

Selections: Turn On The Lights, Can We Talk, Beauty, Crush on You, You Don’t Know My Name, 10,000 Hours, The Real Her, Shawty is a Ten, Come & Talk Me, Just Friends (Sunny)

Crushing at a basic level sucks. You’re in a weird place where you know you like somebody and you’re hoping that they like you back, but you’re not really sure how much either one of you is rockin’ with each other. There’s a lot of feeling out going on. It’s like riding a wobbly bike where any wrong move leads to you on your ass embarrassed. At the same time there’s something cool and innocent about having a crush. There’s a beautiful part to the the newness. The potential of “hey this might not fuck up my life too bad” is higher than ever because you’re still getting to know each other so you’re seeing that person in the best possible light. Whether you’re five years old or fifty-five years old them butterflies always feel the same. Before you know it you’re smiling like a little kid and thinking about that person without realizing. You just gotta hope that feeling remains the more you get to know each other.


Cuffing Season Mood: Infatuated

Selections: One I Want, Love Letter, Drunk In Love, T-Shirt, Cater 2 U, Hey There, Blessed, No Matter What, Refill, Dangerously In Love 2

Infatuation, or the sense of having an all-absorbing passion, is a natural but powerful feeling in a relationship. No, I am not talking about being creepy or having stalker-like tendencies. I am merely discussing the feeling, known to many, of never wanting to stop thinking of someone you truly love. For example, have you ever spent a countless amount of hours with the person you love, and the moment they leave, you feel like something is missing? Well, you are infatuated. It is not a bad thing. Truly, I would not want to be in love with someone who I am not infatuated with. When I think about true love, it is really something that I only want to have with one person. I want the simple things and thoughts of that person to make me smile and happy at the most random times of the day. I want to smell their scent on a t-shirt that was left at my house–or the one that I accidentally stole–and smile. In Beyonce’s “Dangerously In Love 2”, she sings “Because I am in love with you, I can’t do this thing, called life without you here with me.” This is exactly how I want to feel once I am in love and infatuated. Knowing this sounds a little dramatic, but I want the feeling of not wanting to live without someone. Once you are truly in love, infatuation comes naturally and like I said, it is not a bad thing. It is just a necessity of love.


Cuffing Season Mood: Cuffed

Selections: Hangin Up My Jersey, Too Deep, Just My Imagination, Let’s Get Married, Shape of You, Into You, Love Don’t Change, Sweet Lady, Future Baby Mama, Best I Ever Had

For most guys (girls too), there is that one stage in your life where you’ve played the field, thus sometimes being considered a “player.” Have your fun, fellas. Enjoy it while it lasts, because after awhile, it starts to get old. Trust me, I know. I had more than my fair share of flings during my college years, as I attempted to figure out exactly what it was that I liked. It wasn’t until a few months after graduation, that I realized what I actually like. It was then, that I became cuffed to my current girlfriend. I met her my senior year of college and we instantly became really good friends. I didn’t know I had feelings for her until after a year, but that just wasn’t the right time. Not everybody you have interest in is right for you. There’s this feeling-out process that takes place, where you learn if you need to quit while you’re ahead or make that commitment. For a while, I experienced commitment issues, but not this time. Everything felt right and I never question God’s plan. While some people believe being single is the best thing in the world, there is nothing like being in a committed, loving relationship. Having that one person who knows you better than anyone else and adds value to your life, as opposed to stress, is such a great feeling. All of the songs I selected reflect on this high from different angles. Of course, there will be ups-and-downs, but you get through it.

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