Speed On The Beat Gears Up For Release Of ‘Mama Young’s Son’ With Single “Withered Leaves (Elevated)”

With 'Mama Young's Son' looming, Speed On The Beat taps his jazz influences for single "Withered Leaves (Elevated)"

For those already fans of Speed On The Beat (half writer, half rapper), his forthcoming album Mama Young’s Son, appears to be a change of what he’s given sonically as demonstrated by his latest single “Withered Leaves (Elevated).” With some smooth, jazzy, instrumentation, Speed raps of change and leadership, as well as his relationship with religion. When speaking about the track, Speed described “Withered Leaves (Elevated)” as A Tribe Called Quest-esque, and I couldn’t agree more with its jazz influences and social commentary. Listen to “Withered Leaves (Elevated)” below on SoundCloud and be sure to look out for Mama Young’s Son this Saturday.

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