God of Thunder, Franchise of the Esoteric: Marvel Scores High Again with Thor: Ragnarok

No serious spoilers, so don’t fret, family.

Marvel Studios in 2017 is what Bad Boy Records was to 1990’s rap: Hit after smashing hit; and I am not talking about Hulk’s fight scenes alone.

A culture has been set by Marvel ever since they began rebuilding/rebranding their movie universe, starting with Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. One does not simply leave the movie theaters after a Marvel movie begins rolling its ending credits. (*Thor voice*) You can always expect earth shattering action, crazy plot development and CONSISTENT perfect representations of the beloved comic book characters that are as heartwarming as Stan Lee cameos and the wittiest of jokes.

Thor: Ragnarok continues the trend of the anthology of Marvel Studios movies that will be remembered for decades to come. If you have not made a plan to see it yet either alone or with friends/significant others, you are missing out. They say this with multiple Marvel movies, but THIS is the ONE. I rented the original Thor a few years ago expecting something bland, but it turned to be the most aesthetically magnificent Marvel movie I have ever seen with its vibrant colors and scenery. While Thor 2 was forgettable to me, saying Thor: Ragnarok is the best in the series is not a stretch.

We see a plethora of incredible screenplay devices and overarching, inspiring messages at work throughout: From the beginning you can see Thor at a mastery of his God-like finesse/dynamic skills with his hammer, taking down the most impossible of enemies while defending his realm. Throughout the film, you can see the titan crushing God of Thunder realize that he is more than his most powerful weapon: he himself is the most powerful weapon he could never imagine by simply being the sum of his parts, lineage and destiny. With this film, it seems as if Thor embarked on the most authentic  Marvel Movie Universe Odyssey-like single movie lasting adventure, helping others find themselves and purpose, connecting with family like never before and leading his people to a new destiny all whilst battling the fiercest enemies to appear in any Marvel movies. It truly seemed like Thor became the God (and “Strongest” Avenger) that he is advertised as.

The scenery, fighting choreography, mouth –covering suspense,  amounts of planetary destruction across the board, the cameos/references from the characters across the years we have grown to know and love were all as amazing as the gut-busting laughter.


All this and the one aspect of the film that captured me the most might have had to be Tessa Thompson’s  godly-fine self as The Last Valkyrie, kicking tail a myriad of times, pulling of masterful technological wonders, while stumbling over full bottles of guzzled down intergalactic 40oz.’s like she spent her daytimes as a wineo on Lexington Market in Baltimore, MD.  My type of woman if I am keeping it a buck. The whole film had conventionally attractive individuals so any viewer could essentially eat their hearts out.

Get an electrifying experience of God-like, legendary proportions with Thor: Ragnarok.


P.S You only need to stay for the first end credit scene, not the very end. Infinity War will be here before we know it! Be great moviegoers.

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