The Ultimate Vibe? Ty Dolla $ign Smoothly Soars and Evolves with ‘Beach House 3’

Ty Dolla $ign reaches his final form on his latest project

As much as the “This generation…” pseudo-intellectual hot takes go, the current generation has artists who could go toe-to-toe with the greats of the past. This may seem like a bold statement, but if you are to dispel ageist views and analyze styles of today’s artists’ bit by bit, one can see validity to this statement in regards to producers, rappers, singers, etc. Sampha, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R and Brent Faiyaz have all captured my soul musically inclined heart with their sounds, but strangely enough, Trap R&B superstar Ty Dolla $ign remains in my Top 3. “What could be so great about another R&B singer singing about cash money, and hoes?” you might ask. Or you might feel the need to respond to my preference with “Mans not hot.” However, Ty Dolla $ign made a fan out of me Fall 2015.

He is known for his hood and f*ck-n*gga ballads like his songs “Or Nah” and “Paranoid” but I did not start taking a serious listen until the rollout of his politically charged album, Free T.C. He came to the Atlanta University Center in Fall of 2015 to promote it and share music from the project, giving tribute to his brother locked up for what Ty Dolla $ign deemed an injustice. He delivered with a great project full of star-studded features like Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, and James Fauntleroy, as well as a song called “Straight Up” featuring Jagged Edge that changed my life forever with an R&B vibe that I have not quite seen in this generation.

I waited forever for THAT Ty Dolla $ign.I kept advertising him to people and got a bit of it in his next politically charged album “Campaign” which focused on the political inconsistencies in the United States whilst maintaining his ratchet ballads. It was a good album with notable songs with Migos and more, but it still didn’t have the fully developed Ty Dolla $ign that I told people about.

THAT Ty Dolla Sign arrived in full force on Beach House 3. Finally, like a Trap R&B Kekkei Genkai, Ty Dolla $ign fused his f*ck-n*gga ballads with the smoothest R&B sounds, adding a modern twist into a project for the ages.

Hearing “Ex” feat. YG made me feel like I should be on Spring Break somewhere with a fat Cuban cigar, an unbuttoned Hawaii shirt with a bad shorty on my right and a bottle of Henny on my left. Other notable tracks that would fit nicely on a playlist are songs that could arguably make it to his eventual Greatest Hits album. Those being “Message in a Bottle”, “Droptop in the Rain” feat. Tory Lanez, “Stare” feat. Pharrell & Wiz Khalifa, “Love U Better”, “So Am I” feat. Damian Marley and Skrillex, and “In Your Phone” feat Lauren Jauregui.

Find the ultimate vibe for yourself with Ty Dolla Sign’s Beach House 3 available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms, catching the evolution in the same vein.

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