Benjamin Banger Celebrates Birthday With The Release of ‘The Gxod Poet’

The Baltimore producer adds to what's been a great year for Startier

Baltimore’s Startier collective is showing just how well-rounded they are as a group. After the release of ScoreSwayze‘s Razor Ramona II and FinagoBaby’s Butter, the group’s producer Benjamin Banger releases a series of instrumentals, The Gxod Poet. You can pick Ben’s production out almost instantly on FinagoBaby’s Butter, as he has this distinct, almost galactic sound when producing. The Gxod Poet is no different, as the album’s titles like “Dbz After School @ Mrs. Sue’s House” are as unique to him as the sound he’s crafted for himself. Listen to The Gxod Poet below on Spotify as well as all other major streaming services now.

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