NBA YoungBoy For Dummies

Just 17 years old, NBA YoungBoy is already making a name for himself in the rap game.

There have been mixed reviews among hip-hop heads as it pertains to the newest crop of rappers in today’s scene. One name that appears to be well-received, thus far at least, is YoungBoy Never Broke Again (also known as NBA YoungBoy). The 17-year-old is the latest rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is looking to become a household name, similar to the likes of Boosie Badazz, Webbie and Kevin Gates.

YoungBoy recently released his AI YoungBoy mixtape, which was a follow up to 38 Baby, the project that really jumpstarted his career. Even though, he is a fairly new artist, NBA YoungBoy already has done enough to garner the attention of many. The potential is there, so as long as he can keep his head on straight, he could be well on his way to becoming a star.

Here’s a look at ten songs that have defined NBA YoungBoy’s impressive run so far.

“Hell and Back” – Tracks like this are when YoungBoy is at his best. He’s really rapping, but there’s harmony to it. That speaks to his unique sound.

“Trappin” – The intro track to AI YoungBoy, “Trappin” is a moment where we see YoungBoy deliver straight bars. “On XXL but not the magazine.” Yeah, that was a big mistake.

“Gravity” – YoungBoy speaks on the harsh realities of growing up in a place like Baton Rouge. The life he was once living could’ve derailed his career before it even got started.

“Watchu Sayin” – This track is Baton Rouge through and through. You have to like the aggression he raps with here, as he addresses his opposition.

“Untouchable” – “Untouchable” is the track that ultimately proved that YoungBoy could be a mainstream star. With nearly 58 million views on YouTube and counting, the numbers speak for themselves.

“So Long” – I’d be remised if I didn’t rewind back to the humble beginnings of YoungBoy’s career. This is just one of many early bangers featured on his Before I Go Reloaded mixtape.

“38 Baby” This track was YoungBoy’s first big single and was a proper introduction, leading up to his impressive 38 Baby project. It’s gritty and genuine, similar to Boosie.

“No Smoke” An infectious track, “No Smoke” also succeeds at combining the streets and a memorable hook, making it one of the strongest showings on AI YoungBoy.

“I Ain’t Hiding” – This beat is insane and other artists have tried their hand at it, but no one ripped it more than YoungBoy did.

“Grafitti” – “2016 I got locked in that cell and they ain’t let me out.” YoungBoy was arrested for attempted murder charges and it appears, that was the wake up call that he needed.


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