An Evening with Lyrica Anderson [Interview]

At a super secret, in-the-cut location on a faithful Wednesday evening, The Demo Tape was blessed enough to be invited to a private party thrown by DTLR and their partners, promoting Love and Hip Hop star Lyrica Anderson. The food was banging, the DJ’s tracks were knocking, the networking opportunities were godly, and the drinks were as sensational as a Future meme. However, the best treat of the night was me being able to catch an exclusive interview for The Demo Tape with the star of the night, Lyrica Anderson.

Yes, she was featured on Love and Hip Hop, which has a half-notorious, half-lauded narrative throughout popular Black culture and media, but Lyrica Anderson is all about talking the talk and walking it fully in all of her grace and thoroughness. If you have not heard of Lyrica, get a clue. Next time you listen to Beyoncé’s “Jealous,” just know that Lyrica co-wrote that masterpiece. This is far from her resume’s completion, as Lyrica has also penned notable tracks for Demi Lovato, Timberland, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Hudson, Young Jeezy, Keri Hilson and many more.

In this situation, I would say check the numbers like the infamous Maxwell tweet earlier this year, but to keep it professional, Lyrica’s own music speaks even more volumes. She released her debut album Hello in 2015 which included the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, The Game, YG, and Kevin Gates. Both her Spotify and SoundCloud boast a noteworthy 3 million + streams each, and her Vevo has totaled 2.8 million + views. She is also available on Apple Music with over 33k+ streams on that platform. 

But beyond that, what about the music? The message? I got a glimpse of the genuine Lyrica with this interview. I started off with my praise and then asked what motivates her to keep soaring higher and breaking past her own peaks every time. Candidly, Lyrica talked about the concept of “wanting to outdo yourself” and bettering yourself in every way possible – a tribute to her hustle.

When asked about the main messages she tried to portray with her music and like the true definition of a masterful artist, she stated how it is all one big story, one big message with her music. From analyzing her music, one can see her message that speaks of resembles freedom of self and self-actualization. For example, as Lyrica herself described in our exchange, her new single out now “Don’t Take It Personal” is about enjoying yourself and not being tied down.

I asked her about her experience on Love and Hip Hop and what it meant to her, as I know sometimes that consistently heated battle zone can be taxing on one’s spirit. Lyrica stated that she personally loved it and that it was a lot of fun. The entire time, she was being herself, and not worrying about anyone else. The show’s schedule for shooting and appearances taught her discipline as she stated.

Lastly, to end off the brief interview, I asked Lyrica what was next for her and how would she next conquer the world. She told me, to tell you (*Kevin Hart voice*) that you should all seriously watch out for newest album coming soon titled Adia and her single for it “Don’t Take It Personal” as she attempts to make it fly up the charts.

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