60 Minutes with TokyoTendo

For Episode 19 of 60 Minutes, the Baltimore producer picks an hour of his favorite songs

It’s a Friday night in Baltimore at EMP Collective on Baltimore St, as Micheal Taylor, Oscvr Wow, Sad Girls Club, and The Demo Tape serve as hosts to the Space Invaders beat battle. A number of producers are present for the night’s competition, from those with a couple local favorite songs under their belt to newcomers hoping to make a name for themselves. One of those names is TokyoTendo. The young producer began breaking out last year, producing for up-and-comers like MikeyTha$avage and Chris Casssius. Tendo’s beat tag is one of the most distinct of his peer group, but his knack for crafting beats with homerun potential is what’s really gotten him the most recognition thus far. His versatility is also a calling card that has him poised as one of the best in his city.

What better way to have him tell about his inspirations than to have him curate an episode of 60 Minutes? For Episode 19, we did just that, as Tendo curated an hour of his favorite songs from the likes of Lil Uzi and Kid Cudi to Korn and Nirvana. Listen to Episode 19 with TokyoTendo below on Spotify.

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