How Mayweather-McGregor Was A Win For Everybody

The "Money Fight" was everything we could've asked for and then some.

Saturday night was the culmination of one of the most highly-anticipated sporting spectacles in recent memory. The worlds of the two most popular combat sports collided when MMA superstar Conor McGregor took on Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in the boxing ring. The speculation had been there for quite some time, but nobody thought it would ever really happen. Well, the contract was signed and the fight was made official. Sports fans everywhere were anticipating this tilt for months and they finally got to witness history Saturday night.

The Money Team went 3-for-3 in the undercard matchups, with Andrew Tabiti, Badou Jack and Gervonta “Tank” Davis all coming away victorious in their respective matches. So, the pressure was on for Mayweather, especially in an event that he co-sponsored. The legacies of he and McGregor were both on the line, but the pressure was mostly on the 40-year-old boxing superstar. Mayweather answered the bell, stopping McGregor in the 10th round by way of TKO in a fight where both fighters pulled out all the stops.

With all of the hype surrounding a fight like this, it’s rather easy for it to underwhelm, but it definitely was worth the price of admission. This monumental moment was a win for all parties involved. Here’s why.


If you ask Floyd Mayweather, he is “The Best Ever.” To be honest, he makes a pretty damn good case too. Coming into the fight, he boasted a spotless 49-0 record, which was good for a tie with the great Rocky Marciano. That 50th win came against a guy who has never boxed professionally, but nonetheless, Mayweather is now the only fighter to ever go 50-0 for his career. In the early rounds, Mayweather seemed to struggle a little with the aggressiveness of McGregor, but being the great fighter he is, he adjusted and showed why he is the best the sport has to offer. Now, Mayweather gets to ride off into the sunset.


McGregor may have lost the fight, but that doesn’t mean he walks away a loser. Many people around the sport of boxing gave him absolutely no chance in this fight, some of them believing he wouldn’t even land a single punch. McGregor was cocky, sure, but he proved to be a worthy opponent for Mayweather. He started off punching away and put Mayweather’s back against the ropes on numerous occasions. The official was way too lenient with McGregor’s countless punches behind the head, but it’s safe to say his hands are dangerous. He just lacked the technique to really outmatch Mayweather. McGregor lost, but he gained a lot of people’s respect after this fight.


I love boxing, but not everybody is like me. Many people are just casual fans and tune in when Mayweather is on the card. Even though the excitement of this fight may still not be enough to turn these people into true fans, it brought plenty more eyes to the sport. Mayweather said that this was his last fight, but the future of boxing is very bright, especially with fighters like Gervonta Davis, Badou Jack and Andrew Tabiti learning under him. Maybe, just maybe, boxing will be bigger and better in the near future.


Mixed martial arts is similar to boxing, in the sense that its fan base is a limited group comprised of people who love combat sports. Not everyone who is a fan of boxing watches MMA, but this collaboration between the two may cause some intrigue for the sport. McGregor is the biggest athlete in MMA and his surprising success in the boxing ring should generate more respect for the sport and MMA fighters all around the world.

The Fans:

Fans paid $100 to view the fight on pay-per-view, while others forked over thousands of dollars to see the fight up close. While some may believe it wasn’t worth paying all that money, but we got what we wanted and more. This was a moment that we probably won’t ever see again. Mayweather is the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. McGregor is one of the best pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world. The rubber met the road and something had to give. McGregor put up a great fight and Mayweather did what he does best. We got a treat and we have Mayweather-McGregor to thank for that.


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