Throwback Thursday: Ray J’s Epic Breakfast Club Rant

This is just one of those moments that never gets old.

Over the course of history, there have been several great celebrity rants — Allen Iverson, Kanye West and Bill O’Reilly to name a few. But, no tirade has ever been more entertaining than the time R&B singer and reality star Ray J sounded off on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Let’s start with the backstory.

Back in 2011, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was featured on HBO’s 24/7 preparing for his upcoming bout with Victor Ortiz and had a slight gathering at his mansion. As one of the featured acts of the evening, Ray J performed his smash hit single, “One Wish” before a host of guests.

Rapper Fabolous took to Twitter to let off a few jokes at the singer’s expense.

Ray J didn’t take too kindly to Fab’s comedic relief. So, what better place to address it than in Las Vegas at Diddy’s post-fight dinner. The two artists exchanged pleasantries multiple times throughout the night, leading to a physical altercation of some degree.

Now let’s fast forward to the Breakfast Club interview for a moment. Right out the gate, you have Charlemagne Tha God and DJ Envy instigating the whole thing. The first thing Ray J says is, “We live? Ok, so I ain’t gonna curse.” Lie detector says that was a lie. He immediately used a homophobic slur, then tried to back track by saying, “Be who you wanna be, love who you wanna love.” From jump street, I knew we were in for an all-time classic.

Ray J proceeded to deny allegations of him getting roughed up by Fab, instead saying he “socked” Loso. He felt as though he and his boy Floyd were disrespected by the jokes, claiming that he’s always over Mayweather’s house playing the piano. Sounds like he’s Floyd’s personal entertainment to me.

On numerous occasions throughout the rant, Ray J made boastful references to his “seven Rolls Royces.” Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds a bit outlandish. Even more outlandish, was Mr. Norwood playing the tough guy role. He claimed that he had goons on Fab’s bumper, whatever the hell that means. Then, he said he’s just going to start “smacking niggas up.” Those are rather strong words for the guy who once had one wish. “He said don’t touch me, and I touched that nigga!” Excuse me?! Don’t ever say that again, bro.

Later, he would give us an MTV Cribs-esque tour via the airwaves. “I got an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. I got an indoor basketball court and an outdoor basketball court.” He continued to try to stunt on Fab, saying “I let him hold my Lamborghini for his video and I let him drop my top.” Once again, poor word choice. As if that wasn’t suspect enough, he would go on to threaten to have his boys rape Fab. I’m at a loss for words.

But, Fabolous was not to be outdone. He had a response, and to be honest, it was equally comical.

“That wasn’t Ray J. That wasn’t Wille Norwood Jr. That wasn’t Brandy’s brother. That wasn’t Mo-to-da-E-to-da.” He called that man by his whole name. Then, he called him out on his words. “I’m laughing at his whole character. There’s nobody who thinks that Ray J is gangster to that point unless he proves it.” My sentiments exactly.

Fab tried to impart some wisdom to his opponent, telling him, “don’t do any concerts in niggas living rooms and don’t do shows in people’s basements. That’s not where we want to see your career go.”

His depiction of the physical altercation had me in tears. Fab said Ray J touched him numerous times, which he obviously wasn’t feeling. “First of all, don’t touch my body in any form or way.” Then, he said no swings took place, just Ray J touching his shoulder and chest. Now, that’s a far cry from smacking somebody up. Fab said he had Ray J hemmed up by his red hoodie and even referred to him as “Little Red Riding Hood.” He also assured us that he would not be raped. Pure comedy.

Regardless of whose side of the story you believe, there is no denying the greatness of this back and forth. Ray J’s aggression was hilarious and Fab’s subtle sarcasm had just the same effect. Both men are legends in their own right. Fabolous is a legend because of his actual success as an artist. Ray is a legend because of his antics and escapades, most notably his low-budget sex tape with Kim K and Love & Hip Hop. But, these two artists will forever be remembered for their roles in the greatest rant of all-time.



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