Self-Salvation: Being Perfect in Your Purpose

It is a beautiful concept in this lifetime that, as a collective human species, we are far from ever obtaining true perfection. However, this does not mean that we cannot be perfect in our purpose as individuals. There is a feeling of a completely new journey starting for you; rather it be a new semester in school, business taking off, having a child on the way, moving into your first apartment, or making whatever moves you can by yourself or with a team to truly secure the bag in the last quarter of 2017. As lofty as our wildest dreams are, as good intentioned as we are, and no matter how far we plan to the end, life has its way of getting in the way and either impeding or otherwise bringing these good intentioned dreams to a screeching, crushing halt. Every individual not only has their individualized vices, but their individualized problems that seem damning to life. However, with this brief note from me to you, I am here to let you know some of the ways you can execute self-salvation in your own life and be perfect in your own purpose even with the smallest of resources.

First and foremost, I want to be real about what you are honestly up against before we talk about how you will supersede. To be frank, this is not the world we viewed as children. Also as children, this is not the state of living we envisioned for ourselves and our kinfolk. Obviously, as you can see, even though our society as a whole has always been highly problematic, things are getting ominously darker in a world full of rich criminals, poor graduates, and a lack of accountability of our leaders. How do you maintain? How do you win?

It is a beautiful concept that no matter how hard it is for you, there is a new hope every single day that you wake up with a heartbeat: a metronome-like indicator for the motor of your ambitions to be able to have a chance to completely change your own life as you see fit. Simply put, as long as you have a heartbeat, you have yet another chance to make a difference in your own life. That is the first step to self-salvation: Hope.

Have you ever realized that you are what your ancestors prayed for, their wildest dreams? It may sound far-fetched, but you are the cultivation of the years of their sacrifices, prayers, and investments into the future. As mundane or downright awful as your life may be, you come from a long line of individuals harnessing their energy into the world for your very own ascendance into things that the world has not yet seen. You are the only you in this world and lifetime with every single part of your skill set, beautiful mind, and experiences; and that, is your power. It takes 3 million years for a diamond to shine; you have done it in the short period you have walked this earth, so you are already ahead of your time. Recognizing your history and your uniqueness as an autonomous individual is something that no one on this earth can take away from you, leading yourself to those goals you dream about on the daily. That is the second step to self-salvation: Self-Realization of Power.

Everything that you going through is preparing you for everything that you asked for. Life gets hard, but you must go harder; get down, get up back an d go farther. With everything happening to you internally and externally, you are in a current metamorphosis for developing an aura of resistance so strong that no being meaning you mal intent will ever be able to stop you. You have to keep holding on, because somewhere out there, someone needs your truth as much as you do for yourself. That is the third step to self-salvation: Self-Endurance.

“Gather your forces,” is a concept not only explained in The Art of War by Sun Tzu, but The 48 Laws of Power as well. You have a magnificent mind and ambition. It is great to be a trailblazer on your own, but nothing equates to breaking free from everything that once help you physically/spiritually captive like friends and comrades who share your mind in terms of vision and dreams for the world. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. did not do it alone. Even Jesus Christ had 12 Disciples. Tom Brady must have the support that he does in terms of offense and defense to be considered one of the greatest of all time. Seek out allies in your journey as you walk together hand in hand towards a more glorious future. That is the fourth step to self-salvation: find your crew and conquer together with them.

To be willing to go where you have before, you have to develop like you never had before. If you are starting a business or want to be a millionaire, start thinking about taking business classes seriously. If you want to graduate near the top of your class and get to the graduate school you deserve, create a fully fleshed out plan beforehand and stick to the plan. If you want to start being more happier and healthier, start seeking therapy to have someone professional help you and start executing more and more acts of self-care that will keep your spirit intact. Your avenue and goal of self-salvation is completely unique to you. That is the fifth and final step to self-salvation: Plan out your steps of liberation and be strict with yourself in executing them.

I am only writing this piece because this has same process has happened to me. In high school, I had to sleep on couches and blow-up mattresses in laundry rooms as mice ran across my feet many nights. Many days from after taking the most rigorous courses my high school had to offer on the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement level, I participated as the leader of various sports and academic extra-curricular organizations to grow my prestige to be competitive for college applications, as I knew that could be my avenue to self-salvation. Tired, broke, and not even able to afford bus fare or even a pack of Skittles and a bottled water for nourishment after a long day, there were far too many days of me having to walk home about a mile with all of my sports equipment to a home with little food and domestic abuse from my parent at the time. Even with all these pressures, coupled with constant evictions, I was still able to graduate with the class rank of No. 2 in my high school class and earn a scholarship to attend college in the south. With this opportunity, I was able to established a new legacy for myself where my family nor closest friends have never been before. Even with domestic abuse from an ex-girlfriend, mental health issues, homelessness, having to work close to all my way through school to pay for it and a multitude of other issues, I was able to accomplish self-salvation for myself. I not only graduated with honors and record breaking awards for my institution, I established two non-profits, started multiple lucrative businesses, competed in global competitions against the most astute and prestigious young adults of this planet, helped other friends start businesses, escaped homelessness, traveled across the world multiple times, and combated my mental illness until its submission as I now live a happy life where I wake up making money through my own direction with no drama from anyone who means me harm. The final moment of clarity came in Paris, France in 2015 where I was there for an internship study abroad program with the organization IES Abroad. On my last evening, I saw the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day light up with fireworks as “Skyfall” by Adele played through all of the speakers in the area. In that moment, I saw that my will to achieve was bigger than me or whatever was plaguing me; after that, I had no choice to win after seeing how far I could go in this world.

And now, being in the space I am, I can honestly say that working with The Demo Tape has been one of the top 5 jobs of my life; being supported so much and doing what I love with like-minded individuals whilst pursuing all of my goals.

I write this as well because if a young Baltimore Bama like me could make it, so could you in all of your brilliance. This is your season of self-salvation, if you have ever wanted to break free from whatever is chaining you in the world. You have more resources than past generations all at your disposal that you do not even realize until you search.

This is your season. You may be imperfect, but you can be perfect in your purpose.

And that’s Self-Salvation.

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