NFL Players Around the League are Sitting Down To Stand Up For a Cause

With racial tension growing across the country, NFL players are demanding that their stances be heard

More NFL superstars are starting to boycott the national anthem. On Saturday, August 19, Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Oakland Raiders, sat during the national anthem at the preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. Michael Bennett, defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks, also chose to sit during the national anthem. Bennet stated that he sat due to the past weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia. The riots in Virginia not only led to various people being assaulted, but also resulted in a young lady being killed by a vehicle that plowed into her. Once Lynch was spotted sitting on the bench, many people believed that his decision was a result of the events that transpired last weekend’s white nationalist rally.

Just last night, Cleveland Browns players also kneeled during the national anthem before their Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants. Including rookie defensive back Jabrill Peppers and Pro Bowler Jamie Collins, a group of players took knees in a circle together during the anthem. When asked about his players, head coach Hue Jackson told the Atlantic “We respect our players, we respect the flag. Those guys talked to me about it before they did it.”

Last weekend’s rally showed why many athletes need to follow this movement of sitting during the national anthem. Racism in the United States is starting to come back onto a full display. Bennett said, “I can’t stand right now. I’m not going to be standing until I see the equality and freedom.” According to CNN, Bennett wants more individuals to join hum in his “fight for what’s right.” It is going to be an uphill battle from here. Although many NFL players have been silent, they should agree that ‘fighting for what’s right’ is what America is supposed to be about. I hope that these NFL players can get some much-needed help with their stance in fighting for equality and racial injustice in America.

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