Kodak Black Delivers Once Again This Year With ‘Project Baby 2’ [Review]

The project baby delivers once again

Ever since they started to release albums on Fridays, it’s been harder for me to keep up with artists that release projects. But I knew for a fact that on August 18th, Dave East would be dropping an album and I was definitely ready for that. I woke up that Friday morning at 5:20 A.M. with a text from my good brother Jigga that said “First song on Project Baby 2 *three flame emojis*.” Dazed and confused, I check my other group chats to see an Apple Music link to Project Baby 2 and I rubbed my eyes then told myself this is going to be a great Friday. On a Friday loaded with new music from the likes of Dave East, A$AP Ferg, and Peewee Longway, I feel like Kodak dropped the best album on this past good Friday.

I download both albums to Tidal (because it’s way more convenient and data-friendly) and I started my day. As much as I wanted to listen East’s new album, I just had to see what young Kodak was talking about. This tape is the second installment to the “Project Baby” series, and after listening to it on shuffle and repeat, it’s light years better than the first one. Coming into this project there, were some problems surfacing in the media about Kodak and Master P. Now that I look at it, that may have been a plot to bring some buzz around Kodak’s name so he could drop a surprise album. That’s just me being a conspiracy theorist, but besides that, as I listened to the first song I knew this album would be a banger.

The first track is called “Versatile,” and he truly shows his versatility, rapping for six minutes. The first three minutes are Kodak rapping about the streets before switching his focus mid-way and rapping to his ol’ lady. The beat on the opening track is crazy too. Track 3, “Roll In Peace” featuring XXXTentacion, is one of the best songs on the album. A definite banger/energy joint, XXX’s verse was surprisingly decent on the track.

My favorite collaboration on the album was with Offset on “Built My Legacy.” Him and Kodak compliment each other very well as they trade verses. Kodak also has a track on Project Baby 2 titled “Misunderstood” where he discusses a lot of his problems. I can tell he was in his bag on this album, especially with songs like “Transportin.” Sampling the Geto Boyz’s “Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me, the whole concept is fire and I love to see young rappers sample old tracks and add their own spin to it.

Kodak also has a few tracks for the ladies on here like “First Love” and “Don’t Wanna Breathe,” so the balance on this album is good as well. My personal favorite song on the album is “Me for Me.” This track serves as a personal confessional, where Kodak speaks on how he’s trying to decipher who is really with him and who is only with him for the fame. This album is filled with life gems and lines that make you stop and think “Damn, that’s some real shit,” which is a reoccurring theme with Kodak. I also noticed that he called on the very talented producer London On Da Track to help out with a few tracks and I hope that they collaborate more in the future.

Overall, Kodak has been consistent throughout the year. This is his second album of the year and this joint is just as hard as the first one, as he continues to put his foot on these rap niggas’ necks. He dropped Painting Pictures at the end of March, then delivers once again six months later. This leaves me with one question – will we get one more project out of him to complete the 3-peat? Back in 2015, Kodak released his best tape to date, Instituition. Could we get another installment this upcoming holiday season? I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see, but after listening to this album a few times, all I could say was “damn, the Project Baby delivers once again…”


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