It’s Okay to be Single

Don't rush to get cuffed y'all

Thanks to the internet, we are constantly being inundated with messages of why relationships are great. It’s as though single people are destined to be unhappy and lonely. Well, I am here to debunk this notion. It’s okay to be single and I have provided evidence below, which I have tested, on why you should embrace the single life.

The clearest benefit people can understand, across different cultures and backgrounds, is money! Dinner dates, presents for your sweetheart’s birthday, and other miscellaneous expenses relating to your significant other can add up quickly. Being single means you have fewer financial obligations and more money to travel on a whim or start a new hobby, like tennis.

Another precious resource you will have more of is time. Time will pair very nicely with all the money you’ve saved when it is time for a vacation or time for that weekend long tennis tournament you’re in. Whichever activities you want to pursue, you’re more likely to have the money and time for them as a single person.

Usually after a breakup, your friends and family console you by saying things like “this is a great chance to work on yourself” or “you will learn how to be independent”. The single life affords you the opportunity to fully understand your likes, wants, and improve the overall health of your mind and body. Instead of worrying about whether your partner still loves you, or if they’re cheating on you, you’ll likely use that mental space for introspection or exploration of ideas. You can explore ways to get more buckets on the court or more reps of the weighted squat- whatever it is you’d like to improve on.

“Single” is the status that allows you to be your own best friend-  in a non-pathetic way. Practice self-love, enjoy being by yourself, take yourself out to lunch or to the museum. It’s in these moments that you begin to enjoy your own company and emancipation from forced relationships with the family or friends of a partner.

Show of hands, who likes their in-laws? Who enjoys chilling with their partner’s friends?


Being single means you’re likely to form connections and bonds with people you actually like. You can spread your attention more evenly among people as opposed to just your partner; you won’t put your other relationships on the back burner. Loneliness is one of the most feared symptoms of being single. But it’s important to note that being alone and being lonely are not the same. The benefits of being single highlight how to enjoy being alone. If being alone still isn’t appealing, fret not; you can use your time being single to lay the foundation for a stable future relationship. All the personal improvements you achieved while being single better prepare you to find the right person as you’ll be more in tune with your preferences and more comfortable being yourself.

Whether you are single during your transition between relationships or are intentionally single for an extended period, there are several benefits that allow you to embrace the single life. You can lead a happy and fulfilling life being single so don’t let anyone or anything convince you otherwise.

Bonus benefit: you get the whole bed to yourself. Cuddling is overrated and frankly, it’s more intuitive to want more space on the bed: left side, right side, the middle- it’s all yours! I sleep on the edge of the bed with half of my body hovering in the air (working my core), but it’s nice to know there’s room to rollover a good three or four times.

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