60 Minutes with 1000 Jumpers

1000 Jumpers' own co-founders let us see what it's like to take a ride with them

1000 Jumpers Podcast has been a growing platform since it started in November of 2015. Co-founders Jerrell Leeper and Robert George have used their voices to interview creatives as well as state their opinions on popular topics ranging from anything music related to sports. 1000 Jumpers has been available on iTunes since March of 2016 which speaks on how quickly Jerrell and Robert grew with their vision. From their hilarious input on situations such as Rob Kardashian’s drama to their serious reviews on albums, 1000 jumpers is quickly becoming one of the most must-hear podcasts around. Oh, and one of our very own was a guest on there.

For episode fourteen of 60 Minutes, we had Robert and Jerrell curate a playlist containing some of their favorite songs. Whether it was Goldlink’s DMV-anthem “Crew” or SZA’s “The Weekend,” these fellas certainly deliver on the musical vibes. Listen below.

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