60 Minutes with Yan Blaze

The editor-in-chief of Dinner Land sits down to curate an hour of her favorite songs

The Dinner Land network has established itself as a force for spotlighting independent artists. Founded in 2013 by Abhishek “Shake” Amiruddin as his personal creative portfolio at first, it has branched out to become a creative platform and production grounds for Tax Stone, Its Bizkit, Salaam Remi, Complex Media, The Stashed Media Network, Bhrama Bull, The Earwaxx Sessions, Alexa Leighton, Stonelove J, and more.

Its current editor-in-chief is New Jersey’s own Tatiana “Yan” Snead. A graduate of Kean University with a BA in public relations, Snead got her first start in media in January of 2015 as an on-air personality on “Podcast About Nothing.” From there, she also starred as a media personality for the YouTube series “The Coffee Shop.”

For Episode 13 of 60 Minutes, we had her curate an hour of her favorite songs. From D’Angelo to Daniel Caesar, Ye Ali to The Internet, listen to Yan Snead’s 60 Minutes below on Spotify and Apple Music here.

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