Mūdī Releases Sophomore EP With ‘HOTEL’

The Maryland songstress delivers the follow-up to her 2016 'Moods' EP

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Mūdī released her debut project MOODS last year to much acclaim throughout the DMV for the EP’s raw emotion. From the theme of the project, projecting her knowledge of color theory to each track having its own, distinct sound, MOODS impressed those new to the Maryland songstress. Since the project’s release, she’s went viral due to a series of cover videos; most notable, her cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” which is now at 1 million views. She’s now channeled her energy into her sophomore project, HOTEL. Formulating the theme around a hotel, her creativity is first shown in the titles of the tracks like “Innterlude” and “Suite Love.” The progression in her voice and song writing from her debut is on full display, as she reconnects with SHE for the before-mentioned “Suite Love” and King Rose for “109.” The 4-track EP is delivered well throughout, as she’s able to express her experiences with love and challenge her vocal range without missing a beat. Listen to HOTEL below.

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