What to Watch on Netflix (06/16)

Here are some recommendations for your "Netflix & Chill" session this weekend

For this installment of WTWON, I (Gabrielle) have decided to give our hardworking Netflix aficionado Bryan a much needed break and take on the challenge of delivering my top three choices of what I think you should binge watch this week. Since my Netflix palette is ever-changing, I decided to give you all my top three picks that range from crime and drama to even a oldie, but goodie, network series. Thus, we shall get into my picks for this week.




If you happen to be interested in the creative arts, or even in most cases, are just a fan of innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, then I highly recommend that you check out Netflix’s newest series, Abstract. Each hour-long episode spotlights a different pioneer in his or her field. You’ll peer inside the work day and creative mind of New Yorker illustrators, Air Jordan shoe designers, and an architect designing utopias one city block at a time. If anything, after watching this, you just might turn into a creative.


The Keepers

The Keepers is a seven-part documentary series that is bidding to be the next true-crime must-watch. It incorporates a half-century-old unsolved murder case, shocking details of sexual abuse and devastating claims of the indifference and obstructionism of the Roman Catholic Church as well as of the Baltimore and Maryland criminal justice systems. What makes this documentary interesting is the fact that the story takes place in which is now the defunct all-girls school known as Seton Keough. When you think that the unfortunate situation at hand will not get any more tragic, it does. Thus, I think that if you happen to be into crime and drama, then this just might satisfy you.


West Coast Customs

One of the most nostalgic things that I remember about the early 2000`s was the mindless, but also entrancing, television shows that used to come on MTV just as I was coming home from school. One of my favorites that I stumbled back upon while searching through Netflix the other day was West Coast Customs. Every episode is centered around transforming raggedy cars that make you question the car safety laws in California into a head-turner on the street that, if possible, just might have a popcorn machine in the trunk. That alone should give enough reason as to why you should watch this show perform a miracle in 40 minutes.   


There you have it folks, another week of What to Watch on Netflix in the books. May your netflix and chill dates be ever in your favor and if you do have a recommendation on a show that we haven’t covered, feel free to hit us up on twitter @thedemotape_ and also @gabbydotjay__ .

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