Premiere: Yung Outlandish Gives a PSA With Latest Single “UP!”

"First time I met the plug, I wanted to be just like him"

I’ve attended two shows in which Yung Outlandish’s name was on the bill. Both times, he walked away with one of the best performances of the night. At just 19 years of age, the energy and stage presence he brings to his live performances transfers over just as well to his music. This is further demonstrated with his latest release, “UP!.” Produced by GOODBOY, the Baltimore native creates an anthem directed to those late on the recognition of his success, chanting “please don’t hit my phone knowing that I’m up” over the chorus. It’s like when Mike Jones put out “Back Then” in 2005. “At my funeral, don’t invite my old hoes” he raps as his public service announcement to all those listening. Listen to “UP!” below on SoundCloud.

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