50 of the Best Lil Wayne Features

Weezy F may have the best catalog of feature appearances we've ever seen

Few artists, if any, can come close to the run of features Lil Wayne went on during his prime. In his heyday, fans’ faces lit up when Wayne appeared on any song before the play button was even touched. Whether he was holding his own on alongside star-studded casts on “We Takin’ Over,” “Swagga Like Us,” and “Forever” or sparring verse for verse on tracks like Ludacris’ “Last of a Dying Breed,” his catalog speaks for itself. There are a plethora of songs alongside Drake, and his notable cuts on Khaled tracks as well. There are even a couple appearances next to singers like Chris Brown’s “Gimmie That” and Solange’s “ChampagneChroniKnightCap.” So, with the help of one of my favorite Baltimore artists, a huge Lil Wayne fan, and someone that even reminds me of Wayne himself, finagobaby, we curated a playlist of 50 of Lil Wayne’s best appearances.

However, some features are omitted from this list. Due to the constraints we have to work with, mixtape Wayne is not present in this playlist because those songs are not available on Spotify (that’s a whole different discussion, and maybe even 50 more notable features). His verses on joint projects like the Young Money compilation albums, ColleGrove, Like Father, Like Son, and others were excluded because Weezy wasn’t necessarily a “guest.” Even with some exceptions, Wayne still has enough ammo to fill out the list. We may never see anything like this again, so appreciate the playlist below curated of 50 of Lil Wayne’s best features.

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