What To Watch On Netflix: 6/2/17

Stop watching garbage cable television and start watching these six titles on Netflix.

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I’ve compiled a mix of shows and movies to keep you entertained this weekend. I got a little something for everyone. I got some comedy, drama, and even something for the nerdy.  I’m even throwing in a documentary to wake everyone up. Each title is conveniently hyperlinked so you can start watching right away. Let’s get started.

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive

Tracey MorganThis man Tracy Morgan has been through a lot. He’s coming back strong after a severe car crash almost took his life. Watch Tracy talk about coma life and how everyone’s family has a side that no one should glorify.


Bill Nye Saves the World


Bill NyeEveryone’s favorite Science Guy is back, and this time he’s going to save the world. Each episode tackles different environmental and social issues that if solved can “save the world”. Bill conducts experiments, sends out his own street, and gathers some brilliant minds to help educate the world. Oh, and Tyler the Creator remixed the classic Bill Nye theme song.



13thThis Documentary is a must see. “13th” delves into the history of racial inequality in America, The United States makes up a quarter of the world’s prisons, and they’re mostly filled with African Americans. Learn about the mass incarceration of Black people in America.

Burning Sands

c90334885334bfd088f938d75197c3f25128e329Hazing is real, so Burning Sands explores a student who attends Fredrick Douglass University who is gearing up to pledge to a frat who takes Hell Week literally. Zurich Condoll struggles with keeping his mouth shut or honoring his own ethical code.


Master of None

Master of noneSeason two of “Master of None” came out this May and Aziz Ansar pulls all the stops to bring an excellent comedy series. This comedy follows the main character Dev on various occupational and romantic adventures that are all emotional on their own accord. “Master of None” is filled with celebrity cameos and it feels right at home in the heart of New York City.



AnimaniacsAh, I miss the good old days of well-written cartoons and waking up early to catch Saturday morning cartoons. Steven Spielberg’s “Animaniacs” definitely bring in the laughs and nostalgia. Every episode featuring The Warner Bros (and sister Dot) can be found on Netflix in full HD, no grain over this way. The Warners harass everyone on the WB. Watch all the classic skits from Buttons and Mindy, Slappy Squirrel, and Pinky and The Brain. Just like the theme song says “So just sit back and relax, you’ll laugh ’til you collapse”

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