How to Make It Through The Worst Time of the Semester – Finals Week

It’s about that time of the semester again. Time to beg the professor that teaches your 8 a.m. class that you’ve failed to attend since February for that extra credit. With finals approaching, here come the restless nights to maintain that C in Physics. We all go through the struggle, and we all have different ways of handling it.  With this article, i would like to share with you how different students at Temple University handle their finals season.

Fatema Razzak, Senior Biology major:  The best way to study for finals is to prepare to study at least five days in advance, and study twice everyday.  If you are stuck with two finals on one day, it’s best to study the more difficult one during a time where you are most focused, and the other one during a different time in the day.  What helps keep me going are 30 minute naps, and coffee at those points in the night when you are ready to crash.  For any science major especially, never push your studying to the last minute. All-nighters will cause you to freakout even more.


Nicolas Davis, Senior, Criminal Justice major: The best way to study for finals is to look over notes two to three times in a day, three days before the exam.  This works especially well if you’ve actually been to class throughout the semester and have basic knowledge of the material. I use flashcards and study groups with productive people from the class. Trying to graduate on time keeps me motivated after losing my scholarship early on in college. The best way to study for me personally though is to be alone, because it keeps me focused without distractions.

Medg, Senior, Finance major: The way I go about handling finals is by first staying on top of things throughout the semester. Also, forming study groups in the beginning of the semester is key, so you can work together to create your own study guide just in case the professor is not nice enough to provide one to the class. When you’re studying, break it down into different sections and look over good notes. Study in a positive environment, work with people who have the same goal, and have a good plan. A lot of coffee helps during those all-nighters and 15-30 minute naps help recharge as well. Check with your professor, go to all tutoring sessions, and try to make a study group.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get that passing grade during the worse week of the semester, and save you from repeating courses.

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