What to Watch on Netflix


13 Reasons Why – Crime Drama – One Season

Why you should watch it:

For me, this series is a change of pace, as when I normally watch anything that’s drama on Netflix, in one way or another it always contains some sort of laughter. Long story short, the show is centered around a young woman named Hannah Baker, who ultimately commits suicide. Before her death, she left cassette tapes which essentially are the different episodes explaining the encounters that built up her reasoning into killing herself. This show is so important to me because it sheds a light on how depression and suicide is such a BIG issue. The most important thing being that if you see someone close to you going through some shit, then you need to do your part and intervene before it’s too late. If you need some more clarity, I suggest starting out with reading How Isaiah Rashad Saved My Life  by Justice. This message is so real and so valid.


How you should watch it:

I recommend two episodes a day. The reason being that the way the episodes are named, they are based on the front and back of a cassette tape. A tape normally has two sides, an A and a B, thus the episodes go like “ Tape 1 Side A “ and “Tape 1 Side B“.




Lock  Up – Crime/ Documentary – Three Seasons/ Collections

Why you should watch it:

Watching how the Kalief Browder story unfolded and also the situation surrounding Aaron Hernandez, forced me to watch this series. A lot of people on my Twitter timeline turned into community college lawyers stating that they indeed knew the legal and jail system. I had an idea and some knowledge, but I knew that I was ignorant to certain processes and ideas. Remember, it’s better to be ignorant and curious versus being oblivious and rude. I suggest watching this to really understand how in some cases, the legal and prison system is an emotional rollercoaster with hoops that are setup to have the standard criminal fighting for the rest of their life, depending on the charges they may face. This is a documentary as it follows inmates who are behind bars serving life for attempted robbery to those on death row. It also gives insight into process of the system starting from arrest to imprisonment to life in general population. The goal is to gain clarity and you will get that.


How you should watch it:

Since this show has three different series depending on what you’re really interested in, I would say to binge watch this. I watched all three collections over three weeks. Thus, if you finish one quickly, you can move to the next without an issue.



At All Costs – Documentary – One Episode

Why you should watch it :

With basketball season going into the playoffs, I think that it is important for those to understand that becoming a basketball star or really any type of sports star for that matter does not start in college, but that it really starts in programs such as edreco and most importantly AAU ( Amateur Athletic Union). The documentary really helps in getting the viewer to grasp the concept of the fact for starters, these kids and young adults are living the dreams that their parents once had, and that two, them playing a sport in an association where scouts exists all the time will eventually be their meal ticket out. I really did not realize how blessed I was to wake up with the first thought on my mind being whether or not I should eat Cocoa Puffs with chocolate or regular milk vs these kids waking up to their parents telling them to get ready for practice at 8am. The documentary really gives a good insight on the pursuit for the money, if the talent is there.


How you should watch it:

It’s a documentary so really you can knock it out in a cool hour.


There you have it, three shows that I think will occupy your time whether you happen to be watching netflix by yourself or with a group. If you have some recommendations that you think are worth the watch, do not hesitate to tell us over @thedemotape_ or @gabbydotjay_.

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