Bring Back Our Girls

Missing Girls in Washington D.C.

“BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!” This repetitive chant consisting of four words, that continues to sweep our country.

Starting in Washington D.C., Cmdr. Chanel Dickerson made a strong vow to bring attention to the very prevalent matter of the children, mostly little girls of color, that have gone missing over the passing years. Although children have been missing for many years, with the help of social media platforms, and major news stations, more officers, lawmakers, officials and the general population are recognizing that this is an issue that seriously affects Washington D.C.

There are many pros and cons to the use of social media to bring forth the issue of the missing girls. On social media, there have been many misleading posts, locations, and numbers that have lead many people of believe that over 60 thousand little black girls are missing. This is false.

According to CNN who received their information directly from Cmdr. Dickerson and The Metropolitan Police Department, since 2012, there have been around 7,397 missing children. In 2017 alone, there have been a reported 501 children missing. Yes, this is obviously way too many children missing, however; it is reported that the number of children is decreasing. The missing girls of D.C. just seem more prevalent now because more officials are focusing their attention to the issue to investigate more (Jarrent, Reyes).

Although the numbers are decreasing, the fact that little girls are still going missing, with little to no trace or evidence as to how is a very concerning issue. Until the recent attention, the missing girls were not getting the attention that they deserved. Stories have been told of how a young child could go missing and the police departments and highway safety patrols would not even consider releasing Amber Alerts to notify the community that a child is missing.

The Vice President at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Robert Lowery, released a statement that addressed his concerns on not using Amber Alerts. Lowery believes that this public is too desensitized. There is no way of telling if a child has been kidnapped, or if the children are simply runaways due to abuse or neglect at home. There are different protocols that are handled between kidnapped children and runway children. However, one child missing is too many so whether the child ran away or was kidnapped, it should be reported and investigated as such (Jarret, Reyes).

Since the news of the missing girls is not a new subject in D.C., it is not much to say about what is going to change soon. As the numbers of missing children pour in, police departments around the concerned area are just beginning to utilize their social media accounts more by releasing more information to the public. With the help of Cmdr. Chanel Dickerson and the Metropolitan Police Department, hopefully there will be more cases of missing children returning home to loved ones, than children missing.


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