What to Watch on Netflix


Narcos – Two Seasons (American/International Crime)

Why you should watch it :

Justice can even tell y`all that I absolutely love Narcos. To be honest, it`s probably my favorite show to watch. I like watching it because it gives you a more in-depth picture into the drug operation/empire that Pablo Escobar was running while he was alive, while still being partially fictional in its own right. When we hear his name, it`s always in vain. The show aims to help the viewer understand his actions from every perspective possible from what his wife TaTa dealt with to Limon, who was one of his men.  After watching both seasons, I kind of thought about selling drugs, but that’s here nor there. The point is that yes, you should watch it.


How you should watch it :

Once every three days, at least. I made the mistake by binge watching the whole first season in one day, which lead to me waiting almost a year for the second season. The episodes are thrilling and even if after the first episode is done, and Netflix is counting down to take you to the second episode, you should make it a priority to click out of it.



Dave Chappelle: The Collection Comedy Special – Two Episodes (Comedy)

Why you should watch it:

From his appearances in movies to his self-titled sketch comedy show and also his block party documentary, I’ve always been a fan of Dave Chappelle. He`s the reason why I think anything can really be funny; if you allow it to. When I found out that Netflix released two never-before-seen specials which hail directly from Chappelle’s personal comedy vault, I became excited. All in all, I was not disappointed either.


How you should watch it:

Once a week, over a two week period preferably. I did this with the intention of giving myself some time to watch other things in between. It`s a little over an hour filled with a lot of material. It is best during this special not to get distracted as if you miss one part, you will miss everything else.



The Get Down – One Season (American Musical Drama)

Why you should watch it:

The series is set in The Bronx, New York City in the 1970s and follows the rise of hip-hop and Disco music through the eyes of a group of teenagers. I had a Netflix and chill date last week and one of the best things my date did was picking this for us to watch. I have an affinity for hip-hop and this show really made me fall in love with it all over again. I was really sad when I found out the the first season was only six episodes as from a viewers standpoint, I could tell that it was unfinished.


How you should watch it :

Well, since the second half of the first season came out today, go ahead and binge watch the first half to catch up. Then, enjoy what the second half has in store.

There you have it, three shows that I think will occupy your time whether you’re spending it with your boo thang or even with your friends. Even if you have some recommendations that you think are worth the watch, do not hesitate to tell us over @thedemotape_ or @gabbydotjay_.

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