Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (Since You Waited Until the Last Minute)

If you are anything like me, you’re driving around on Christmas Eve trying to buy gifts for your friends and family that you should have bought last month. My timing is so bad, that some people even get their Christmas gifts from me after Christmas.

The worst part about scrambling around on Christmas Eve trying to find gifts for people is that you probably don’t even know what you’re going to buy. You don’t want to be the one buying your friend a last-minute pair of slippers. You and I both know that nobody wants that.

For your troubles and mine as well, here are a few last minute Christmas gift ideas that will make your family think you actually put some effort into thinking about what to get them, when in fact all you did was read this article for about two minutes.



Phone Case

Most of my friends have iPhones, and I don’t know who has ever been disappointed with an iPhone case. This gift is a no-brainer, considering you already know what kind of phone your friend (or family member) has. Also, I am not referring to a five dollar phone case from Marshalls. Christmas is a time to really get this person, whoever it may be, a nice, sturdy phone case. This is something that people can actually use and benefit from, and not throw into the corner right after they open it.




I will accept a twenty-dollar bill during any season. Sure, this gift screams “I literally waited until the last minute to get gifts and I did not buy you anything,” but I don’t know anyone who would be like “Nah… I don’t want this twenty dollars.” That’s gas for the week, or a meal or two. If you’re really balling, throw that fifty or hundred out there and let your mans know that you really appreciate him/her. Money also dismisses the risk of getting someone a terrible gift, because they can get whatever “gift” they want with the money you give them.




For my roommate’s 24th birthday, I bought her a bottle of Black Hennessy. I was so last minute with this gift that it was just an hour before we went out for her birthday that I ran to the liquor store to get it for her. Then, I went to a store in the same shopping center and bought a gift bag and wrapping. I even went to Ben and Jerry’s and got her some sort of ice cream, cookie, cake combination to top it off. All this to say, your friends wouldn’t mind a wrapped up, last minute bottle of alcohol.




Generally, I know what size clothing my friends wear. I am not in a position where I’m buying anyone a pair of $200 sneakers, but clothing I can do. Plus, it’s also fun to shop around and try to think about the style of your friend- to step in their shoes and pick out something as they would. For instance, you are not going to buy your friend who normally wears black a pink, flowery shirt. It would be a good time to put your personal preferences to the side and pick out clothing in your friend’s eyes. When they open it, they will realize that you actually picked out something that they would like, and not something that YOU would like.



Photo Album

For something a little more personal, creating a photo album of you and your friend’s prized moments is a great idea. Your local CVS, Walgreens, or convenience store should have photo albums at reasonable prices. This is something you could put together the night before Christmas. Honestly, if someone did all this work for me in efforts to commemorate the times we spent together, I would be honored. This is one of those gifts that says I may not have had enough money to get you something extravagant, or maybe I did, but I really wanted to show you that I care.

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