Why LeBron James Needs Space Jam To Reach MJ Status

I swear this isn’t just another clickbait title. Listen I was born in 1995, so by the time I got here Michael Jordan was already larger than life to the generations ahead of me. As a toddler during Jordan’s final championship run I did not immediately recognize him as the greatest basketball player of all time. What I did know him as was the star of my favorite movie, Space Jam.

It didn’t matter no me how many rings Jordan had, how many slam dunk contest he won, where he placed in the record books, none of that. All that mattered was that MJ would stretch his arm from half court and get that game winning dunk (Lay up? Three pointer?) against the Monstars. I watched Space Jam everyday to the point that the VHS broke and my mother had to order me a new one. I had the video game, I had the merchandise, hell I even had little baby Playoff 9s because those were the shoes that MJ wore during the practice scene.

Watching Space Jam in my formative years lead to a lifelong respect for Michael Jordan once I realized how great he really was. I’m a Bulls fan to this day because Michael Jordan played for them. My created players on NBA Live (it was a different era) were always shooting guards. Even to this day I keep a copy of Space Jam in my apartment to throw on when I get breaks from classes. Michael Jordan became iconic to me and a whole generation not because of basketball, but because of Space Jam.

This takes me to LeBron James. LeBron has made it his mission in life to be known as the greatest basketball player of who ever lived. Part of fostering that belief starts with convincing the people that never saw you play in your prime that you were the best to ever do it. LeBron already has the sneaker line. He already has the endorsements. He has the championship pedigree. Now the only thing left to do is to brainwash a generation of children into thinking you’re a larger than life figure. What better way to do that then to go one on five against a team of cartoon aliens? Ball is in your court Bron Bron. I expect to see Space Jam Lebron’s retroing in 2027 for me and BDJ Jr. though.

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